Where to travel to in December: 20 best destinations

December is one of the best months to travel, whether for some warm temperature at a sunny beach or a pristine snowy landscape. You can likewise experience plenty of unusually exciting festivals and events such as Christmas and New Year.

Since all the travelers wish to travel the whole world without any limitation, it gets difficult to control the wanderlust. And anyway, travel helps you discover the bright soul within yourself so, leave no stone unturned to explore the world at any time of the year.

But what is the most difficult part when it comes to traveling? Yes, it is picking the right place to travel. So, where can you travel to in the month of December? Well, you can travel to any destination however, there are certain destinations that you can make the most out of this month.

Here I list the best travel destinations that will give you some warmth in the cold days of December while the others will offer you the pleasure of festivals and events along with the satisfaction of your wanderlust.

1. Spain

Spain is one of the warmest countries in Europe and you cannot afford to miss all the excitement of the celebration of Christmas here in Spain. The streets are colorful and full of life, you’ll see plenty of exciting shopping markets and decorative streets. And, do not forget to try some exclusive wine. Although the temperature is milder here in Spain, still pack a few warm clothes.

2. Brazil

During the month of December, the sun is warm and pleasant along with the sea and the closest thing to snow is those white sand beaches. You will find plastic pine trees covered with lights and tinsel and of course, Christmas dinner is a reflection of the culture here in Brazil. And anyway, December is the best month to combine the coastline and rainforest of Brazil as the weather is ideal.

3. South Africa

The winter here is summer in South Africa and that is why it becomes an ideal destination to visit in the month of December. During this time of the year, the tourist places are also less crowded than in the earlier months. South Africa will quite literally take your breath away with its untainted landscapes and large option in its wildlife. Rock climbing, surfing, hiking, driving, and walking the most dramatic coastal roads, bird watching, and experiencing the wildlife at its best are what this incredible country additionally offers. The gorgeous peaks and mountains, wildlife, and coastlines are additionally worth exploring. It likewise has something for history and adventure lovers as well.

4. Antarctica

While all these countries are experiencing scorching summer, Antarctica is experiencing the temperature’s peak at zero. But, this is the time of the year when all the magical things start unfolding here. During the daytime, the temperature slightly goes up, and now is the time for whales to return from tropical waters. Similarly, tiny penguins begin to hatch, and seal pups are born during this time of the year.

5. Dominican Republic

This Caribbean country is best-known for the most affordable and amazing beaches. The natural beauty of this country is indescribable and is very soothing to the eyes. Similarly, when it comes to the weather, it is mild as it is neither too hot nor too cold which makes it the perfect pick for the month of December.

6. Poland

This magical country during the month of December gives you an abundance of art, music, and theatre which comes together to offer you the perfect visit. Its natural scenic beauty makes for a perfect destination at any time of the year. On top of that, horse and carriage, along with all the cobblestones, live music, and Christmas markets offering the dumplings and pork knuckles, December makes Poland look like a Christmas card in itself.

7. Egypt

The weather here in Egypt remains sunny, dry, and warm because of the desert area which makes it one of the best destinations to visit. Additionally, the country offers so much to visitors from sizzling temples to the fascinating tombs. To add to this, there are many adventurous sports one can do here. And, the pyramids that we all have only seen in the books are worth travel this December.

8. Dubai

Can December get any bigger, better, and sparklier than Dubai? Absolutely not! From the month of November, the weather starts to cool a bit and becomes a lot more bearable and the sun shines almost all the time. Here, the record-breaking Christmas trees groan under the lights and if you love these kinds of stuff then Dubai is the place you must visit this December. Of course, there is a lot more architectural, cultural, and historical stuff that this country offers.

9. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is known for beaches, water sports, Buddhist ruins, trekking, temples, wildlife, heritage sites, and colonial architecture. The month of December marks the beginning of the Adam’s Peak pilgrimage season and this is the time you see visitors from all over the world ascending the holiest mountain of Sri Lanka to see the sacred footprint. You can also spend other days surfing, playing volleyball on the beaches, and enjoying the perfect sun.

10. Morocco

Thinking about where you can travel to in December when it comes to this exotic country? A lot of things that includes appreciating spectacular architecture, monuments, design, dining on drool-worthy dishes, watching storyteller and musicians perform, and experience the unique culture. Morocco is just as famous for its cuisine and the world-famous Sahara desert. And, the snow-capped Atlas Mountains make for the perfect backdrop in December.

11. Mexico

The temperature of Mexico relies on the location that you are visiting as the coastal areas are warmer while the other areas are slightly colder. The weather overall can be called mild and it makes Mexico a perfect place to be during the month of December. There are a lot of enjoyable things here in Mexico from the bright sunshine to stunning sandy beaches, rich culture, and of course mesmerizing natural beauty.

12. Australia

December is the perfect time to visit and explore Australia and if you have plenty of time then now is the time to experience a slightly off-the-beaten Australia and South Australia is where you can start from. During the month of December, pay a visit to this country to try the sparkling wine that has been acclaimed globally over the past few years. In late December, the Tasmanian festival also starts kicking off and takes rich picking from the abundant Australian summer. Here, you can enjoy dry weather, hot sunshine, vibrant nightlife, and gorgeous beaches during your stay.

13. India

The right time to travel to India and particularly Goa is December as you will share the 30 degrees Celsius weather with other travelers for this is the peak season in Goa. The Northern part of Goa gets a lot busier and that is why the ideal thing to do is to visit the Southern part. It can make for a perfect destination to spend your December partying as every palm tree strung with fairy lights and tinsel, and every bar with those rocking music makes you dance like loons.

14. Cambodia

The troubled history of this country, incredible temples, stunning coastline, chilled out beach bar vibes, and spectacular sunrise and sunsets are what this country offers. All the famous places like Siem Reap, Phenom Penh, Angkor, Kep, Kampot, Banlung, and Battambang can be explored wonderfully in your travel during December as the climate is just right.

15. Germany

You will experience the Christmas cheer and twinkly lights throughout the month of December here in Germany. The mulled wine, funfair-style carousels and classic, and the fruity German stolen loaf are all that makes Germany so special during the month of December. And from the smallest towns to the largest cities, December is the best time to mingle around. Depending on the locations, you will also be able to find everything from medieval enactments to outdoor concerts so, have a great time!

16. Czech Republic

This is the country of the medieval heart of Europe that can be felt in its ancient streets with fairytale castles, Gothic cathedrals, fairytale bridges, exciting nightlife, lush green forests, lively arts scene, palaces, chapels, and unique architecture. Some of the things that you can do here in December is to walk around looking for those cinnamon-scented Christmas markets, mulled wines, try out the local and authentic cuisines and beer, wander around, vibe with the music, visit historic gardens and parks, and understand and absorb the diverse culture. Since December is cold as hell so, go for an underground bar and warm yourself with booze and roast game.

17. Thailand

December is an exceptional time to travel to the Northern part of this country as it is the festive season (King’s birthday on 5th December, Christmas, and New Year). Island hopping, the bright lights of Bangkok, mesmerizing temples, sandy beaches, incredible water activities, and laid-back peaceful vibes are what makes Thailand a perfect place to visit this December. Since the weather here is cooler and less humid as compared to other months, you will be able to spend quality time on the pristine beaches or the deck of your floating villa doing all those adventurous activities.

18. Myanmar

Myanmar draws in many tourists during the month of December as the climate is blissful. We can expect easygoing cool weather in the Highlands and warm and dry weather everywhere else. The average temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius and you can totally avoid the brisk winter weather by paying your visit to this country. You can start with the city of Bagan that comprises around 2,000 Buddhist temples. Needless to say, that it would be tedious to visit all of the theses on foot. That is why hot air balloons are designed. So, hop into one of these and explore the iconic temples from the sky itself. You should likewise pay a visit to the gorgeous villages, Lakes, and pagodas.

19. Cuba

The month of December is the very beginning of this country’s dry season and Cuba offers bright, cloudless skies with warm temperatures with no rain. You must visit the capital Havana for its hustle and Baracoa for a traditional sandy beach town experience this December.

20. New Zealand

During the month of December, you will spot the newborn lambs dotting the hillsides of the country along with beautiful gardens, and flowers blooming just about everywhere. Peace and natural beauty is the soul of New Zealand that you can vividly experience. December is the ideal month to spend some time in the city, hit the surf, or go up the mountains. Likewise, Christmas is a real festive spirit on the streets with plenty of opportunities so, shop, eat, drink, and make your Christmas merry.  

It’s a wrap!

So that is it! I hope now you can decide on where to travel to in December. What do you think of the list? Also, do let me know in the comments below if you have a favorite destination to visit in December that you think should make it to this list.