Traveling solo: 25 tips on traveling alone as a woman

Traveling solo in itself sounds very daunting for someone doing it for the very first time. In any case, take it from my experience that it is just a matter of taking that very first plunge and soon you will see yourself enjoying to the fullest.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages but traveling alone has more advantages than disadvantages. Traveling solo increases your self-confidence, awareness, helps in self-discovery, and also boosts your decision-making and problem-solving skills.

I understand the concerns regarding safety but don’t you worry because I have got you covered. Where there is a will, there’s a way, keeping that in mind, I have provided measures which will let you travel solo without much stress and hassle.

Since my visit to the Taj Mahal of India, I have discovered that there is nothing quite like discovering a spot on your own so, collect some strength and get your traveling shoes on. To get you to venture out safe and without limit, here are 25 tips on traveling solo as a woman.

Safety while traveling solo

1) Carry a defensive weapon such as a knife, pepper spray, or a stick with you. Since you are without anyone else so, no one can really tell what you may encounter.

2) Download an offline google map to have the option to navigate in any event, when you are not connected to the internet.

3) Since you are traveling solo, do not take silly risks that might place you at serious risks.

4) Do not forget to leave a copy of your itinerary with family and friends before you head out.

5) Try staying sober as much you can so, abstain from drinking an abundant excess.

6) Similarly, avoid strolling around without anyone else around evening time for the most evident safety reasons.

7) Act like a local while wandering and make an effort not to look lost.

8) Keep your valuables safe by yourself since you have got nobody else to do it for you.

9) Likewise, plan your transportation carefully. Try not to book a taxi around evening time rather pick open transportation.

10) Lastly, always carry a first aid kit with yourself. Since you are all by yourself, be your own medic in case of an emergency.

Health while traveling solo

11) Above all, take care of your body to guarantee a healthy trip for that, you will have to cut down the consumption of street foods.

12) Similarly, carry some mild pain relievers, anti-diarrheal, and cold drugs at whatever point you are traveling, for you, might require it on the off chance that you face some medical issues.


13) To begin with, learn the local language to explore in a feasible manner.

14) Since you are traveling solo, go your own way, and challenge yourself to do things you wouldn’t otherwise do.

15) Likewise, believe in yourself and recognize what you are capable of.

16) Adapt to being your own photographer. In this era, you will find numerous solo travelers just like you who are willing to help. However, be on a more secure side although you might discover individuals who might not mind clicking a few pictures for you.

17) Since you are traveling solo, you can go to any place at anytime so, embrace your freedom.

18) During your travel, you might also meet other travelers, so exchange your travel ideas and views.

19) Likewise, start your day as right on time as could be expected under the circumstances.

20) Similarly, be open to trying out new things. In short, do what you want and never stop believing in yourself.

21) Make your phone your closest companion, and it will make your travel significantly simpler.

22) Accommodate yourself into a hostel, try couch surfing, or search for a common lodging alternative to make friends with other travelers. This will additionally allow you to travel cheaper or even travel for free.

23) Research and plan your finances carefully before traveling solo to your destination for a hassle-free trip.

24) Always carry an extra 25% of your budget as a reserve for emergencies.

25) Likewise, do not forget to haggle in everything, this way you will save a lot of money on accommodation and shopping.

It’s a wrap!

So that is it! I hope you enjoyed this list of tips on traveling solo. What do you think of the list? Also, do let me know in the comments below if you have a favorite tip that you think should make it to this list.