The Ultimate Bali Travel Guide 2021

Indonesia’s main tourist destination-Bali, is the most reasonable destination that offers extravagant accommodation for a low price which makes it one of the best places in Asia to visit. Similarly, Bali must exist in your bucket list for there are numerous adventurous activities you can do here.

In Bali, you can spend a relaxing get-away by visiting beautiful temples, eating flavorful Balinese cuisine, absorbing the sun at perfect seashores alongside dynamic Balinese culture, and surreal sunsets.

Bali is a heaven for people looking for wonderful waterfalls, jungle filled with monkeys, shopping on streets or luxurious shopping centers, or relaxing on a beach with a drink in your grasp.

Here is your ultimate guide to Bali that includes absolutely everything you need to know before visiting Bali as a first-timer so, continue reading.

What not to miss in Bali

1) Tanah lot, Bali

Tanah lot, Bali

This instagramable spot is located in Beraban, Tabanan around 20 kilometers North West of Denpasar. It is a stone formation off the Indonesian Island of Bali, Indonesia. It is a breathtaking scenic beauty comprising of Tanah lot temple (a Hindu pilgrimage temple) which sits on an enormous offshore rock. Similarly, it is accepted that venomous ocean snakes guard this temple from evil spirits.

To get to this spot, the most convenient and affordable mode is to recruit a scooter. You can hire it through the hotel that you are staying in or, get it from the streets because it is available everywhere. You can recruit it for as cheap as 2.5 USD per day from the streets, hotels charge you a few extra dollars. The roads to this destination are incredible so, I suggest you try this while in Bali.

2) Uluwatu temple and Kecak fire dance

Uluwatu temple
Kecak fire dance

Uluwatu temple is known for its clifftop amazing views. The temple stands on the edge of cliffs, overlooking the dynamic blue water that crushes against the rocks. This temple must be visited in Uluwatu so, ensure that you go an hour before dusk to investigate the temple area because at night you must watch the Kecak fire dance. Appreciate this one-hour long Hindu dance and music drama that begins from 6:00 pm. The experience is so worth it and is one of my favorite memories from Bali however, prepare for heavy traffic at the end of the show. I had hired a scooter for that day which made my trip cheaper and viable, you can simply do the same.

Lesser known fact, Suluban beach is an absolute necessity visit while visiting the Uluwatu temple. Suluban beach is close by so, park your scooter at the entrance and stroll down some stairs and through the cave. The place is also great to enjoy your sunset so, sit and enjoy the spectacular sunset with some cold drinks.

3) Ubud monkey forest, Bali

Ubud monkey forest

Ubud monkey forest is one of the most well-known vacationer goals in Ubud for its a treat to watch the sacred monkeys monkeying around. It takes you about 2-3 hours to meander the entire territory. Be cautious about feeding the monkeys as they might look adorable and innocent however, can be very dangerous. Remember that you are at the risk of being bitten if you get excessively near them.

You can buy the tickets at the counter near the entrance. The tickets are open for purchase only till 6:00 pm because after 6, you can enter the forest for free but, I wouldn’t suggest that to you. Rather, get there early, get your ticket and enjoy the monkey monkeying around. The prices are:

Adults: 40,000 (2.78 USD)

Children: 30,000 (2.08 USD)

Tegenungan waterfall

tegenungan waterfall

The Tegenungan waterfall is just 11 minutes drive from Monkey temple so, do not miss this one. This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bali so, visit and soak in some water after a tiring day.

The waterfall also has many instagramable spots like a bird’s nest, heart-shaped nest, and the beautiful waterfall view. The spot gets very chaotic along these lines, you might need to sit tight for your turn. However, you will not lament visiting the spot.

4) Tegalalang rice terrace

Tegalalang rice terrace

Heard of the famous Bali swing, zip line, and Luwak coffee? This famous tourist spot located in Ubud is where you get to experience all of that. The celebrated place of interest is famous for its wonderful foundation of lavish rice fields. It gives you a great deal of chance to take unique pictures among the paddy fields. The opening times are 7:00 am-6:00 pm.

Bali swing

Bali swing

You can encounter the celebrated Bali swing in Tegalalang rice terrace where the swing is operated in a huge amount with a difference in cost. The swing cost for boundless time including lunch and pickup is 30 USD yet on the off chance that you are just hoping to snap some pictures, at that point, you just pay 10 USD. If you want great photos, wear bright colors to pop out from the greenery. Additionally, make a point not to wear whatever flies up during your experience.



I wasn’t that intrigued by the Bali swing so, I decided to zip line instead. To enjoy the astonishing rice terraces, we can include some fun with a zip line. It costs you significantly more than Bali swing so keep that in check, yet it is justified.

Luwak coffee

Luwak coffee

The world’s most expensive coffee, kopi luwak is what you must try in Bali. Luwak coffee is produced from the coffee beans digested by a civet cat. The coffee beans are collected from the civet’s feces and then go for drying and processing. I watched the unprecedented technique for creating Luwak coffee and I was thrilled. They let you experience the whole process alongside a huge assortment of coffee. Each cup will cost you 3.5 USD. I was so impressed with it that despite being so costly, I wound up purchasing a few boxes for my family back home.

To visit the Tegalalang rice terrace area, hire a cab with a tour guide which will only take you 35 USD per day. This is so much more effective if you live away from Ubud. Hiring a cab with a tour guide will let you cover plenty of attractions in a day.

5) Kintamani volcano ( Mount Batur)

Kintamani Volcano

Kintamani is best to enjoy the beauty of Lake Batur (the biggest lake in Bali) and Mount Batur (one of the active volcanoes best for sunrise). Kintamani volcano view is located in Kintamani Bagli Regency and offers a breath taking view from a cliffy part. This place is popular for its lunch with view of Lake Batur and Mount Batur. Therefore, pay 13 USD per person for the buffet and eat all that you want.

6) Besakih temple

Besakih temple

The biggest, most significant, and the holiest temple in Bali is Pura Besakih. Miraculously, the temple survived Indonesia’s most devastating volcano eruption. The entry fee is as low as 5 USD and you need not pay for anything else.

I got scammed here, so be very cautious. I had to pay 10 USD extra for a sarong, yet in all actuality, a local guide, a sarong, and a one-way drop in a motorbike is included in our entry fee. Both men and women need to wear a sarong to cover their legs but, do not pay for a sarong irrespective of what shopkeepers state. Another scam is, they ask you to purchase something from venders to pray. But it is optional, so leave affably if you have no interest.

Consider visiting an early morning or late evening to escape the crowd. I cannot pressure enough for you all to not miss this because if there is only one temple you want to visit, it ought to be the mother temple- Besakih. Trust me, it is the mother for a reason.

7) Nusa Penida Island, Bali

Nusa Penida Island, Bali

Nusa Penida has pulled in travelers over time with its stunning beauty. It is a relatively underdeveloped island South-east of mainland Bali so, it has limited hotels and infrastructures. You can enjoy the perfect coral reefs and snorkeling near the shoreline.

It additionally has a lot of spots for wonderful sunset views. Consider visiting Goa Giri Putri Temple, Pura Penataram Ped, Atuh beach, and Pasih Uug while here. The best time to go to Nusa Penida Island is May to September. However, visiting any other time of the year won’t make much of a difference.


Bali offers you a range of options from street stores to high-end stores so, consider getting these from Bali: silverware, bags, Luwak coffee, handicrafts, beachwear, etc.

Bali scams you should be careful of

1) Taxis are truly pricey so, only use Blue Bird company taxis or use Grab.

2) Tour guides and taxi drivers take you to the eateries that belong to their friend to get commission. Therefore, be careful of this.

3) A lot of hotels are popular for stealing guest’s property so, take proper care of your belongings.

4) Money changers skim notes not long before they hand it to you so, tally it again once you get it.

5) Traffic cops charge counterfeit fine so, remember that while riding.

Consider this before visiting Bali

1) Make sure you stay there for at least ten days if it is your first time visiting Bali.

2) Traffic is horrendous so, consider riding a scooter to travel faster.

3) Most restaurants offer only cash so, carry enough cash. Also, those accepting credit cards charge you an extra 3-5% service charge thus, skip this.

4) Cover yourself while visiting temples.

5) Haggle in the street markets.

6) Don’t get excessively near monkeys, they can be perilous.

7) Try the local Balinese cuisine for they are really tasty and worth the try.

8) Watch out for giant holes on walkways.

9) Carry a sunscreen since it can get staggeringly hot.

10) Try the unfathomable outdoor activities that it offers.

It’s a wrap!

So that is it! I hope you enjoyed this ultimate Bali travel guide. What do you think of the list? Also, do let me know in the comments below if you have a favorite place in Bali and think it should make it to this list.