Packing tips: How I organize my travel bags like a pro

There is no getting away from the torment of packing, one thing that most travelers dread. I used to be an infamous packer who packed a large portion of the wardrobe into her suitcase. However, this was only because I didn’t know all these amazing packing tips back then.

With time, I have learned the most convenient way which is, packing only the travel essentials and keeping them light and basic. I pack the same stuff for almost every trip to make my life easier. These packing tips undoubtedly changed my life in terms of travel.

With these amazing packing tips, I abstain from overpacking and paying excess luggage fees at the airport. Additionally, these tips guarantee that your preferred dress isn’t wrinkled or damaged.

Here, I have listed all the incredible packing tips to help you travel like a pro.

1) Packing tips: Make a list

I, for the most part, make my travel list way ahead of time. As per the number of days, I choose my essentials. Make a list of your basics and pack accordingly, this way you will avoid overpacking or under packing. Additionally, making a list will keep you from forgetting anything important.

Usually, I mix and match my clothes with few neutral colors for basics and add a few colors to co-ordinate. I also incline toward taking non-crinkling and light-weighted clothes.

Likewise, I skip packing too many shoes. Try taking only a pair of slippers, wear sporty shoes when you leave, and pack additional sneakers, they fit in all circumstances. Similarly, try inserting some stuff into your shoes if you are out of space, I do this all the time.

2) Roll clothes to keep it from getting crumpled

I skip the traditional way of folding clothes since, I do not carry formals, what I rather do is, fold all my clothes to avoid it from getting trampled. Another benefit of rolling your clothes is, you spare some space as you are filling the bag from side to side. Similarly, the rolling tip is great for t-shirts, pants, swimsuits, nightwear and casual dresses. Lastly, keep the clothes as tight as possible to avoid wrinkles.

3) Packing tips: Place the outfits you will wear first on top

Wear your heaviest clothes on the plane and place the outfits you will wear first on top. This way you will be able to attend your meetings in tidy clothes as soon as you reach the destination. This will likewise save you from the trouble of having to unpack the entire suitcase as soon as you reach the hotel room.

4) Only take essential gadgets

Few gadgets such as phone and camera will suffice in a vacation unless you are traveling for a business purpose so, carry only the gadgets that are indispensable for the trip. In short, if you are likely to not use your laptops, tablets, speakers, etc try leaving those back home. This will give you significantly more space and keep your suitcase light.

5) Packing tips: Carry a small backpack

In the first place, put the stuff that you cannot bear to lose in a small backpack. This is one of the most significant packing tips for people who are traveling solo.

With a small backpack, you will have the option to store your passports, travel documents, medicines, phone, charger, toiletries, and other essential items somewhat near yourself. It is also so much more convenient for a day-to-day activities if you are traveling throughout the day.

6) Try placing heaviest and biggest items at the base of your bag

Keeping the biggest and heaviest items such as shoes and electronics at the bottom will support your bag to remain steady and upright so, keep that in mind. Another benefit of this technique is, it also prevents the other valuable item from getting damaged and smashed.

7) Take a laundry/plastic bag to separate dirty clothes from the clean ones

The last thing we would want is to travel with dirty clothes so protect your clean clothes from getting dirty or staled. In short, carry a laundry bag to keep away from this trouble. And don’t worry about that extra weight, a laundry bag won’t add too much to your luggage.

8) Packing tips: Make use of shower caps to protect your shoes

Generally, the most ideal approach to protect your expensive shoes from damage is, covering them. In this case, the best idea one can apply for this is using a shower cap. Subsequently, it will spare you from the stress of spilling stuff on your shoes and getting it damaged.

9) Carry your liquids in a transparent plastic bag and place it on top of your suitcase

Prevention is better than a cure, keeping this on your mind, put all your liquids in a small transparent pouch to prevent it from spilling. This is something I am forever cautious about. Also, it is one of the most amazing packing tips.

With this step, you will also be able to clear through the security check at the airports easily as you won’t be approached to rearrange your fluid items all over again.

10) Packing tips: Avoid overpacking

You unquestionably would prefer not to take the bag brimming with stuff and not utilize half of it. So, contingent on the nation you are heading out to, choose the basic items you will need. This will additionally, spare you from paying extra charges at the airport, alongside the need to drag a heavier bag throughout the trip.

It’s a wrap!

So that is it! I hope you enjoyed these packing tips. What do you think of the list? Also, do let me know in the comments below if you have a tip that you think should make it to this list.