How to travel cheap: 16 tips on traveling on a budget

Who wouldnโ€™t love to travel? That too if you get to travel cheap!

To begin with, traveling is the best way to discover yourself, enhance your personal growth, and become responsible and independent. It increases your happiness, peace of mind, boosts up your confidence and of course, creates beautiful memories for a lifetime.

With so many advantages, traveling has a major disadvantage as well. Traveling is fun but has a tendency to get very costly. Nevertheless, you could also travel for cheap without having to break the bank.

All you want to do for that is discern out a way to travel for free or cheap and trust me it takes a little to no effort.

Similarly, if you are looking to travel to budget destinations, read this!

With these 16 fine tips, I will help you dig deeper in order to travel for cheap.

1) Be flexible with your travel date

Being flexible together with your journey period can prevent loads in accommodation, meals, transportation, and flights.

Plan your journey while the fees are comparatively inexpensive than running the other way around. In short, be open to visiting at any time of the year to save in hotels, flights and restaurants.

2) Travel offseason to make your travel cheap

It is true that flights, lodges, and meal prices hike all through a vacation spot’s peak season. Visiting off-season will give you the lowest rate in accommodation, meals, flights, and transportation so, bear in mind visiting offseason.

It also leaves you with a fewer tourists with a lot more chances to take unique and beautiful photographs. Therefore, the right time to visit would be after the “best weather”or festival/holiday.

3) Compare flights on various web sites for less expensive tickets

Airfare is the easiest way to save cash because a large quantity of our travel budget is spent on tickets.

Compare your flight fare on numerous websites to discover the most inexpensive flights to your destination. This trick makes a huge difference so, consider this idea.

4) Don’t be too picky and be open to traveling to cheaper locations

Travel to less expensive locations such as Bali, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Kathmandu, China, Philippines, Malaysia, etc.

You might not be capable of traveling to Iceland on your finances, so save that for later as a substitute and try these less expensive international locations instead. There are a lot of cheap destinations that are really beautiful and significantly cheaper.

5) Fly budget airlines to make your travel cheap

Pick a budget airline in your journey to tour in a cheaper way. Since we spend the majority of our travel budget on our tickets, flying a budget airlines is the best way to reduce the cost.

Time is money, the faster you want to reach, the expensive it tends to get so, make sure you are fine with traveling on flights with layovers. Non-stop flights will cost you so much more that is why you should avoid it if you are looking to travel for cheap.

6) Fly with backpacks

Don’t be a notorious packer packing everything instead, simply take the stuff that you need the most. Baggage is rarely included in budget airways so, fly light to save that extra amount. Also, make sure to weigh your baggage before heading to the airport.

7) Clear your cache and cookies

We all are aware of the reality that some information is automatically stored by means of the web browsers in the form of cache.

To make sure that you are getting the best flight prices possible, clear your cookies earlier than final tickets purchase to make sure of having no longer fallen victim to dynamic pricing.

8) Skip nations with expensive visa cost

Learn to save locations with expensive visas for later. You can explore the nations that need visa once you have enough money. The visas expenses will only increase your budget so, just look for locations that are visa-free for your nation.

9) Visit where your currency is stronger

Pick your vacation spot according to your currency to make it last longer. In this case, the higher the rate, the cheaper it gets for you. The exchange rate may fluctuate with time so, consider that before you decide to go.

10) Stay in a hostel or try couch-surfing

Shared motels will help you save a fortune for yourself in terms of accommodation so, try that once in a while. At the same time, these places are known for theft so, be careful to attend to your belongings before heading out. You wouldnโ€™t want to get your stuffs stolen while looking to travel for cheap.

11) Try Street foods to travel cheap

Street meals are arguably the most delicious meals one can discover while traveling. Besides, it’s also the cheapest you can find.

The street meals fulfill your cravings in a rather cheaper way so, try consuming street foods once in a while. Street foods also give you the authentic taste of the country.

12) Don’t eat in restaurants near famous destinations

Similarly, skip eating at famous destinations in view that it will cost you a fortune. The area that is popular among the tourists are a lot more expensive for the obvious reasons so, rather walk a certain distance and find a cheaper spot to eat.

13) Find out where the locals eat

Eating where the locals eat additionally saves you cash for these spots are a lot more cheaper. If you get bored with street foods, finding out and eating where the locals eat is also an amazing way of saving cash so, consider this point.

14) Research beforehand to prevent getting scammed

Prepare yourself before going to your vacation spot to save yourself from getting scammed. Talk to friends who have been there earlier or research online to save yourself from overpaying.

Also compare price if you are getting your tickets online, this way you can find the cheapest one for yourself and therefore, travel for cheap.

15) Buy SIM card to travel cheap

You will need an internet while traveling so, buying a SIM card is generally much inexpensive than roaming with your phone using an international SIM card. Discover where to buy and the type you’ll need to get yourself covered throughout the trip.

16) Get yourself a credit card that doesn’t price overseas transaction charge

Get yourself a credit card that doesn’t price any foreign transaction charges to avoid additional charges. This will let you travel for cheap as it is better than retreating money from ATMs. Likewise, keep away from exchanging money through lo for it costs you service charge.

It’s a wrap!

So that is it! I hope you learned how to travel cheap. What do you think of the list? Also, do let me know in the comments below if you have a tip that you think should make it to this list.