8 questions travelers hate being asked

Travelers are unique creatures as they are outgoing, forbearing, and adventurous. Since most of the travelers are lenient, they might not disdain to be asked this question that is why I speak for myself.

More than getting annoyed and bothered, it is practically incomprehensible for me to address these questions because I usually have no idea how to!

I understand that people might be curious and genuinely interested in our life. Be that as it may, at times individuals talk without thinking so they seem to be very offensive and condescending. Some categories of people get too pushy to make me feel as if I am doing something wrong in my life.

Some people bear absolutely no interest in my stories, they rather do this just to boast about how many countries they have been to. They feel that higher checks of nations some way or another make them superior which I believe is absolutely irrelevant and downright pathetic. With this sort of people, it gets very difficult to control the irritation.

There is another category of people who persistently keep asking awful questions with wrong facts. And when I correct them with my version, they cannot take it. Having said that, not all the questions asked are annoying. Questions that are directed respectfully and to get answers is truly worth answering.

However, some of the questions, no matter how well-intended, might get into travelers’ nerves.

Know the questions that travelers hate being asked and avoid asking these questions to them.

1) How many countries or which countries have you been to?

It is lovely to know that people are taking interest in your life and it could be quite flattering. However, the truth is I don’t know how to answer this. I mean, I do not find it interesting in any way, you just sit there and listen to me while I list them one by one. We could rather be having a lot more insightful conversation.

Similarly, there is another set of people who impose this question all because of their competitive nature. This usually happens when you are having a conversation with other fellow travelers. They have no interest in your life and have nothing to do with your answer. All they wait for is their turn so that they can gloat about their travel.

As an individual who is a slow traveler and often live and study in a single place, I presumably have been to a fewer place so far. It might be a lot less than what you have envisioned. And in that case, to receive an attitude as such is very overwhelming and tedious.

Similarly, even if asked positively, I still think to myself if I should answer this because I believe that the numbers are quite irrelevant. I would rather cherish the experience because, in the end, that is what counts!

2) What is your favorite destination?

Honestly, this question no more bothers me because I don’t mind talking about those places but the tricky part is that my answer is never the same. I believe it is similar for other travelers as well.

For me, it is quite difficult to answer it as all the places I’ve ever been to are my favorites. The truth is, I have never been to a place that I hated. Perhaps, I researched enough before planning my travels that is why I loved everywhere I have been so far.

There are so many places that I have fallen in absolute love with, for so many obvious reasons. Honestly, it would take me an entire day to pick one out of all. This question is annoying to an extent also, on the other hand, it is impossible to answer for any traveler.

I would also like to add that my favorite destination is always the next that I am intending to go to. It makes sense because I wouldn’t be planning it otherwise. See! My answers are always different.

3) How do you afford to travel is one of the questions travelers hate being asked?

Out of the line and extremely rude is this question. One thing I fail to understand is why are my finances anybody else’s business? I mean, I do not go out asking people how they afford their food or lifestyle in general.

I choose to spend my money on travel and it is that simple! Why do people make such a deal out of it? I understand that you might choose materialistic things over travel and I respect that. You might purchase a pristine car or a laptop but I would go on a holiday if I had that much money. It is all about preference and perspective.

I would rather work hard and spend my money on what matters, which in my case is traveling. Also, I don’t have a trust, I have nobody to fund me, I am not a drug dealer, nor do I have a sugar daddy to get those things for me.

I simply plan my finances and save so that I can travel on a budget. I am someone who would turn down a night out, expensive dining, or other miscellaneous expenses and travel with that money.

4) Why do you travel alone is similarly one of the questions travelers hate being asked?

Why do I not! Traveling all by myself helps me discover myself, enhance my personal growth, and also allows me to become responsible and independent. Similarly, it increases my happiness, peace of mind, boosts my confidence and of course, creates beautiful memories for a lifetime so, why would I not travel alone!

I give you the benefit of doubt that you might be concerned about my safety. However, I have it all covered. Over a few years, I am luckily able to boost up my self-confidence and awareness. Along with that, I have improved my problem-solving skills which makes my traveling solo safe and practical.

5) Will you ever get a real job?

This question is irrelevant to me for I don’t get these questions maybe because I am just starting. However, I have heard that a lot of travelers get annoyed by this question. It is understandable for I believe that not only 9-5 jobs qualify as ‘real jobs’. It is your perspective on what you term as a ‘real job’.

I know a lot of people who blog, engage in freelancing, and have online stores to get things going. I know it is not that easy to save for travel and make a decent income from it. In exchange for travel, a lot of people teach certain languages in the state that travel to. Similarly, they work as a bartender, cleaner, farmer, and also help in the hostel. You would otherwise call all of these a ‘real job’ so why not in the context of travelers!

6) When will you settle down is one of the questions travelers hate being asked?

It is all about what we consider ‘settling down’. Some people think that getting a real state, building a house, getting a new car, and having pets mean settling down in life. However, this might not be the case for every individual.

Travelers’ idea of settling down is a bit different from this mainstream idea. Everyone sure does love having a nice house, car, and pets but travelers keep traveling from one spot to another. Therefore, it makes no sense to have a house in a particular place. I wager it is ideal to have the entirety of that and set up a base at a specific spot. Yet, that is after a specific time when we genuinely want to stay in a single spot.

7) But have you been to the ‘real’ Bali or Switzerland?

I truly fail to understand the essence of this question because until I was asked this question, I didn’t know there were the ‘pretend ones’. Your idea of visiting a certain place maybe visiting the famous touristic spots that are all buzzing with tourists and the locals. However, some travelers may not choose this.

Some people prefer to get off the tourist trail and find the beauty in tiny towns, trekking, watching the sunrise and sunsets, admiring the nature, and walking where the road takes. It is all about how you see it because to me, Bern is just as beautiful as any other place in Switzerland.

8) Don’t you miss your friends and family is one of the questions travelers hate being asked?

This question is likely to bring out all the insecurities because who doesn’t miss all the love! We all are social being and we all tend to spread and receive love so the answer here is quite simple. We miss our friends and family and we realize that they feel the same way.

That being said, we all need to follow our dreams and get going in life. We don’t get every single thing we desire of and sometimes we need to make tough choices in life and that is what sacrifice is all about. I know that it seems a bit selfish but it hurts us to do that and we aren’t doing this because we love it.

Travelers miss birthday parties, weddings, festivals, graduations, and what not! Trust me that we all sob a little on the inside but, we just need to get going and get used to all of these because there is no other way!

It’s a wrap!

So that is it! I hope you enjoyed this list of the questions travelers hate being asked. What do you think of the list? Also, do let me know in the comments below if you have such questions and think they should make it to this list.