7 practical and effective ways to travel for free in 2021

No, you don’t need money to travel anymore because you can travel for free! We all know that travel typically can be expensive with all the flight tickets, accommodation, food, and other general expenses. But, what if I tell you that you won’t be left with that mammoth bill at the end of your trip? As crazy as it sounds, it is very real and practical.

If you are constantly planning your next trip but are out of cash then it is time for you to get on your traveling shoes and put your plans into action. Here, I assure you that traveling for free or just little money in your bank account is achievable.

Most people don’t travel abroad for one particular reason and that is a lack of money. What if I say that you could travel for free? Trust me for, I am completely serious when I say this. When I say traveling for free, I mean without cash. What we do here is we replace the cash with our time and work.

Tell me what makes your travel so expensive? Let me answer this one for you, flights, hotels, and food. I have numerous ways to cut off these prices therefore you don’t have to be rich to travel anymore. The best thing is that all the alternatives I provide here is achievable with some time and work.

Now, we have come to know that with a little planning, effort, flexibility, and determination, we can accomplish dreams of exploring the best countries in the world.

Simply follow these tips and travel for free!

1) Fly for free

What we can do to travel for free is sign up with budget airlines such as Air Asia, Ryanair, EasyJet, Virgin Australia Airlines, Jetstar, and so on. The budget airlines have been known for flights as cheap as $0 as well.

All we need to do after signing up is turn on our notifications and wait for the airline sales. Once the airline brings such deals, just pounce on it. Be proactive all the time because these offers sell out super fast.

-Get bumped

Another great way of flying for free is trying to get bumped. What this trick exactly is, you book a flight to a popular destination and use the major airport. Make sure you choose the popular travel times such as; holidays, festivals, or weekends. Now, ditch heavy luggage instead, pack light, and get to the airport early.

There is one more thing that you need to do. Get to the counter with a grin and ask politely if your name can be put to the bumping list. You are now the perfect candidate for bumping.

-Earn travel points to travel for free

We all might not have money but we have credit cards and that’s all we need. We just sign up for a reward credit card and the major airlines that have co-branded with our credit card provide us a generous sign-up bonus.

Along with that, we can also earn points through this program. We can earn a minimum of one point per dollar and this isn’t where we stop. We can even earn over 5 points per dollar when we pay our internet, phone, and cable bills.

Another great thing is that we aren’t limited to a single category which means, more points and therefore more money. I can assure you that this trick will give you at least one round-trip a year.

2) Try couch surfing

Since we are seeking to travel for free, we might be asked to make some sacrifices at times. The sacrifice that I’m referring to is being okay with sharing our space. Let’s not make a great deal about it because we can manage it for a few days. Moreover, it is not as bad as we think.

Couch surfing is one of the best methods to cut off travel expenses as it one of the largest guest communities in the world. It allows us to find a free couch, or a bed to crash without having to pay for it.

The hosts usually are travelers themselves so they know what it is like to hit the road. Considering the like-mindedness and common interest of traveling, don’t worry too much about safety. And once in a while, it is okay to have faith in humanity and fellow human beings.

3) Seek to become a house sitter

After flight tickets, accommodation requires the greatest expense. Even if you decide to stay in a hostel, that could be costing you way too much in some countries so the best option for free accommodation is house sitting.

House sitting is a popular concept of looking after the owner’s house when they are away. Some house owner keeps traveling and they need people to take care of their pets, garden, or house as a whole.

Having said that, we should be mindful that it takes a lot of effort to get this job as it is highly competitive and there are people who professionally house/pet sit. But if you create a great video of yourself and send it to the house owner through house sitting platforms, you have a positive chance of scoring the job.

Okay, so now you agree that it is a great option but where do you find this job? There is uncountable house sitting sites but these are the popular ones and you could try some of these to score the job of your preference:

-mindmyhouse, trusted housesitters, happyhousesitters, and housecarers.

4) Hitchhike to travel for free

So far we have secured our flights and accommodation, but there is no exploring without traveling from one place to another. Hitchhiking lets us do this easily without any travel cost.

A lot of countries have maintained a good reputation in terms of hitchhiking so it is time to trust fellow human beings again!

The thrill of standing at the side of the road, sticking out your thumb, and seeing where the road takes you is unmatchable so try this for an exciting trip and the best part is you can do this for free.

No matter where in the world, there is always an element of risk for ,women traveling alone so avoid going all by yourself.

5) Teach English abroad

This tip is the best among all because along with the accommodation you will be making additional money in the form of a salary. A lot of countries provide this opportunity as their schools and workplaces require qualified foreigners to teach and translate in English.

Don’t worry, you don’t need teaching experience to qualify for this job if you are TEFL certified (a course to be an English language instructor). Once you have this certificate, you are qualified to teach anywhere in the world.

Diverbo provides this opportunity so brush up on those grammar skills for foreign schools and workplaces are calling!

6) Make use of WWOOF

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) provides farmers from all over the world to work for them in exchange for free accommodation and meals. This volunteering opportunity is the most popular way of trading for free food and accommodation as it is practical and viable.

Let me tell you how it works. Farm owners post vacancy ads on various sites and all you do is apply. The job is pretty simple, you can sow seeds, take care of the animals, or gather the plants. Don’t worry about having to work full-time because that’s not the case. You will be spending only a few hours on the farm and then you get time off to explore your destination.

All you need to do now is pick up a destination and grab those opportunities!

7) Grab free food 

Finding free food has become easier since freeganism, food is free movement, public food trees, gleaning, etc came into play. Freeganism lets you have food that could be wasted just because it has past the sell date period by a few minutes. There is so much food being wasted which is such a shame but Freeganism does it’s part to prevent it from happening.

Similarly, gleaning lets you have fruits from the trees in public places. Likewise, the free food moment also encourages the farmers to share their food with neighbors.

Now that I have shared with you the ways to get food for free just go and get them! The food might not be as appealing as those from restaurants but they are delicious and will keep you full throughout your trip.

Besides these 7 tips, here are other ideas that will allow you to travel for free!

i) Try filling in as a waiter or waitress at certain diners in your travel destination.

-Hotel bartender or animator is just as effective to travel for free.

-If you are good at adventurous activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, or surfing, you can work as an instructor.

-Similarly, if you are a travel junkie and have traveled enough, you can work as a tour guide as well.

-Ski resort workers are also highly demanded so try your luck here.

-Working as a life guide is another great choice.

-Work on a cruise ship to travel for free.

-Another great option to keep traveling throughout your life for free is by becoming a flight attendant.

ii) Volunteering programs also allow you to travel for free so volunteer in fundraising programs.

iii) Work at a camp as it is super fun and cheap. All the accommodation, laundry, and meals are included.

iv) Become a travel influencer to get huge discounts on flights and accommodation.

It’s a wrap!

So that is it! I hope you learned the effective and practical ways to travel for free. What do you think of the list? Also, do let me know in the comments below if you have other tips that you think should make it to this list.