40 Traveling benefits: Why traveling is good for you?

Traveling is fun in so many ways that if there is one thing today through which you can experience happiness in life is by traveling. And it doesn’t necessarily mean booking expensive flights and hotels. What I mean by travel here is going somewhere that you haven’t been before and letting your life show you unimagined opportunities.

Even the great travel writer Pico said that “Travel is not really about leaving our homes, but leaving our habits.” Also, the benefits of travel are farther-reaching and long-lasting than one can imagine. As amazing as travel is, a lot of people think that we need to wait until our later years to really travel and explore the world. However, that is not true because you can also explore the world for cheap or even for free for that matter. To add, there are so many reasons for you to start traveling and fall in love with it.

From seeing new places to meeting new people, experiencing a new culture, eating flavorful food, and collecting memories, traveling makes our lives joyful and fulfilling. That is why for anyone out there who wants to feel happier, healthy, and alive than ever, I highly recommend traveling.

Well, it is common for us to hear that we need to travel more and it is important. And, this post is no different. But it needs to make sense so, let us understand what the fuss is all about. The benefits of traveling are not just a one-time thing and it brings out the best in us both physically and psychologically. Along with this, traveling has a lot of other benefits, and the day you start exploring, you will be able to discover some more on your own.

As of now, let’s understand these traveling benefits.

1. Travel provides us happiness and joy

What better incentive than happiness and joy does one need in order to start traveling the world? One of the most significant benefits of traveling is that it improves general mood and outlook towards life. Also, in the era of materialistic possession, it is always good to invest in experiences that really count and make us happy for eternity.

2. Travel guides us to the journey of self-discovery             

There is so much you can discover about yourself through traveling as you will understand how you react in a completely new scenario, how you feel about people back home, and the new people you meet. You will also test your decision-making skills, you will learn to adapt as per the situation, you learn about your likes and dislikes, and you will get to understand your language and orientation skills. Since travel is a virtue of stepping outside the comfort zone, you are forced into understanding your strengths and weaknesses and therefore, it is never the same when you return back home.

3. Traveling improves communication skills

Needless to say that traveling improves our communication skills irrespective of international or national travel. It does not necessarily have to be travel to a foreign land because even traveling to remote locations can help us understand the native language and be a better communicator. It counts even if you start with some gestures and expressions to communicate at the beginning of your journey as gradually we tend to catch some words and sentences. And if we travel to a foreign country with a completely different language, we tend to learn even more.

4. Traveling boosts our confidence

When you have prevailed against new challenges that made you feel uncomfortable in life, you will discover that you are so much more capable than you thought. Even if your safety blankets are taken away from you, you will realize that you can survive without all that and can easily tackle everything and anything without the help that is readily available at home. One of the benefits of traveling is you understand that you are stronger and braver than ever and therefore, it gives you newfound self-confidence.

5. One of the traveling benefits is it inspires self-growth and improvements

After the completion of a journey, you will walk back home wiser, more compassionate, and also more giving and generous as you tend to encounter people who aren’t as fortunate as you. Every place deals with strife, poverty, and suffering. This will make you realize how fortunate you are and that therefore, brings self-realization and improvement within yourself.

6. Traveling helps build human connection

Since travel introduces you to amazing people, you will be able to build strong human connections. One of the benefits of traveling is that you make new friends and trust me it is hard not to as you meet so many like-minded and happy-go-lucky people on your journey with whom you instantly click. Travel will allow you to get surrounded by potential friends and travel buddies which ultimately make you feel good about yourself and also attain a sense of acceptability. As social creatures, we need to be around each other and build that interpersonal human connection.

7. Traveling improves both mental and physical health

Traveling has been proven effective when it comes to improving our physical as well as mental health. Travel helps us cut down our stress and anxiety. Since traveling means a lot of physical and outdoor activities, it lowers the chances of developing heart diseases, obesity, and also depression. Also, traveling provides us the opportunity to get enough vitamin D through the sun along with some fresh air to improve our mood. To add, good laughter with our family, friends, and a partner is always a plus!

8. Spontaneity is one of the other traveling benefits

With travel, you tend to gain spontaneity as you make quick decisions on where to go, what to eat, where to stay, and what to wear. You will also be making quick decisions as you tend to act as per the situation. What this does is, it brings decisiveness in you and it is one of the important benefits of traveling.

9. Another traveling benefit is it generates openness to experiences

If you are willing to travel, it means that you are open to experiences and it is inclusive of both the good and the bad ones. With travel comes a lot of experiences and the experiences are not always good ones. However, your courage to dive in is what really counts. With this, you will ultimately have a better understanding of people, their culture, lifestyle, and food. And anyway, we are not meant to sit in front of a computer and work all day like robots, we are actually meant to move around, play, explore, and discover as much as we can. And these fulfilling experiences make you feel alive and also give you a sense of adventure.

10. Traveling helps us rejuvenate, relax and recharge

When you step out of the house for a while, you return back home with a renewed energy, positive mental space, and the willingness to take on new challenges, works, and projects. It enhances your attitude and perspective which ultimately increases the level of productivity. Breaking up the monotony for a while is a good way to reduce work stress as it gives your life an injection of excitement. In short, you can call traveling a life reboot as it helps us relax, rejuvenate, and come back home recharged.

11. Travel gives us the opportunity to experience different cultures

What truly is a benefit of traveling is even with differences, we tend to be more accepting and tolerant of a culture that is completely different than ours. With travel, we get to understand what we truly are missing out on and therefore, improve ourselves to eradicate biased opinions on people’s culture and practices.

12. Traveling encourages us to be open-minded

All the people do things differently and in their own unique ways and we only realize that through travel. It gives us the perspective on how things can be done differently and that is completely alright. One of the benefits of traveling is that we start looking at things differently and in a broader manner.

13. One of the traveling benefits is it reduces stress

The study has proven that travel is the best medicine to naturally fight stress, anxiety, and depression. That is why it is suggested to take a trip once in a while. It helps to rejuvenate, destress, and recharge ourselves so that when we return back home, we have a new enthusiasm. As a result, we have a greater concentration on our work with a lot calmer attitude.

14. Traveling sharpens our mind

Travel sharpens our minds and makes us smarter. With every travel, we pick up new languages that improve brain capacities and capabilities. And not just the languages, it helps us understand our strengths and weaknesses so that we can work on them. Similarly, we might run into situations where we are required to think differently and be resourceful. With such situations, we are likely to develop a new set of skills that we never suspected we had within us.

15. Travel allows us to try all the delicious food around the world

Most of us are amazing cooks and make delicious food at our homes itself. Regardless of being a fantastic chef, we cannot overlook all the typical food from all around the world. Travel allows us to discover real and authentic things. You might have eaten a Sushi before but you do not know what authentic Sushi tastes like until you have eaten one in Japan. And we might be in love with our food but it does not take away from the fact that we are open to trying new dishes with different flavors. A lot of food bloggers travel to an entirely different continent to try specific food so, the least we can do is travel to a new country to try something new and amazing.

16. One of the traveling benefits is it helps us disconnect from hectic daily life

Is your professional life taking a toll on you? Are your children driving you crazy? And your parents want you to live your life on their terms? How long before you burst with pressure and everything falls flat on the ground? There is no way one can handle that pressure and that is when travel comes to the rescue. At times, we all need a break from our hectic life so that we do ourselves no harm. That is why once in a while we need to take a break from our daily activities in order to rediscover ourselves.

17. Travel provides us adventures to remember

Planning on visiting a certain place is always exciting but I would like to add that there are so many places in the world that are little known to even the travel junkies. What in a true sense is traveling? It is discovering all the underrated places in the world along with the obvious and popular tourist destinations. I do not encourage you to go live in a jungle for a month however, hiking over the weekend could be a totally new experience if you haven’t been doing that. It might appear scary in the beginning but in the retrospect, it will be one of the best decisions you have ever taken.

18. One of the traveling benefits is it motivates us

After arriving home from a long journey, a lot of travelers experience that they feel much more motivated than they were before leaving for the trip. It is so because we get a lot of new experiences, we likewise get a chance to restart our life again after a break and that gives us a lot of energy.

19. Travel helps us gain various useful knowledge

From learning a new language to a new recipe, a new way of doing things, a different perspective towards life, and an enhanced way of finding a solution to problems in life, travel teaches us so much. Therefore, travel has a lot of benefits including this one.

20. Travel makes us independent, tolerant, and patient

These are the traits one develops after a journey. Since travel is about being decisive and spontaneous, it helps us become independent and make choices in life. And these are the choices that we will learn from. Along with that, travel makes us tolerant as there will be instances where things don’t go as per the plans. At such times, we will have to take an alternative and be accepting of the things that don’t go as per the plans. Also, travel tests our patience every step of the way and that is how we develop these traits when we get back home from our journey.

21. One of the traveling benefits is that it makes us leave our comfort zone

Travel is not always a walk in the park. At times, you will get exhausted as you keep lugging a backpack, you walk around to explore a new place, and you eat so much. You similarly get lost in that new place and there is a constant battle going on in your head. But the best thing about it is you come out much stronger and better. This is why it is one of the most amazing traveling benefits.

22. Traveling helps in organization, adaptability, self-responsibility, and time-management

One of the skills that travelers need to have is organization. Since travelers need to move from one location to another, they must be well-organized in order to be able to make their trips smooth. Another skill is adaptability since travel is also a practice of quickly adjusting to change and making the most of unforeseen activities.

Similarly, self-responsibility is paramount as in case anything goes wrong, we do not have anyone around us to fix them and that is why we need to have the ability to solve problems on our own. Likewise, another traveling benefit is it improves our time-management skills. As we get limited days to see and do everything, we need to be able to prioritize things as per time and get everything done by the deadline.

23. One of the traveling benefits is it expands our real social network

Building connection these days is one of the hardest things to do but with travel, it is easy to make new connections and friends as you are more likely to meet people with similar interests. It might be difficult to sustain the connection once you return back to your respective places but that does not mean that it is not worth it.

24. Travel helps us redefine the meaning of life

Traveling provides exposure to newness in life. That newness may be experienced in culture, food, new people, and their lifestyles. With this newness and exposure comes new and improved insights and ways of seeing the world differently. Since traveling is a great personal investment, you will be surprised to see how you sense new direction and purpose in life.

25. One of the most practical traveling benefits is it makes us realize how little we actually know about this world

We all feel like we are updated and we know everything about this world only until we go out there to actually see the real world. Some of the things that we’ve heard and believed end up being different in reality and you cannot discover that until you have traveled to that place. You will also get an opportunity to discover how kind and approachable strangers can be and with every person and place you discover, you experience and understand so much.

26. Travel teaches us to never take nature for granted

With exploration of new cities, outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, watching beautiful sunsets, and walking between places, you will never underestimate the nature. Regardless of your trip being a relaxing beach vacation or an adventurous trip, you will never take nature for granted.

27. One of the traveling benefits is it helps us get a perspective in life

A bad day suddenly does not feel so bad because during your trip you had seen worse than that. If you have ever been to developing countries, you must have seen that the people on a daily basis fight against poverty, diseases, and other human threats. That is why you do not come back from your journey the way you started.

28. One of the most significant travel benefits is that it boosts our creativity

If you have been to a certain destination for the very first time, new stimuli attack all your senses. With all the new landscapes, music, new people, vivid colors, and unknown language you find your way around. All this introduces novelty to our brain and that is how when we experience new challenges, we become resourceful of solutions. As a spark of different synapses is created in the brain, new original thoughts are engendered. And once you return back home, you can use all the stimuli and creativeness to generate new ideas.

29. Travel also kills our fantasy and makes us understand that life isn’t perfect

With movies, we tend to believe that the world is full of perfect people. They have all the money, they are happy and healthy. What makes it worse is the internet. With perfect Instagram pictures and reels, it makes us believe that people only laugh, drink, and travel and have absolutely no complaints in life. Well, that is not the case and once we hit the road and let our guards down we will be able to see the real world without any filter. And unlike the movies and internet world, the world isn’t perfect.

30. One of the traveling benefits is it teaches us to trust our gut

Since not all the people we meet during our trip are genuine and friendly, travelers always hit the roads guarded and it keeps them alert all the time. What this does is it generates constant pressure on the traveler’s mind. This can turn a vacation into fear and negativity. A study has shown that seasoned travelers rely on their guts to keep themselves safe and make a wise decision instead of being paranoid. In short, travelers develop a better skill in trusting their gut feeling.

31. Travel makes us understand that the internet limits us

While internet helps us research facts quickly, connect with our family and friends while we are away, and it also makes us money. On the contrary, it tends to limit us and at times the information provided is completely different from the reality. We fail to understand the truth until we go see and discover the reality on our own.

32. Traveling helps have fun

Needless to say that one of the reasons we travel so much is because we get to experience the fun and joy. It is a proven fact that our sense of happiness increases a lot before we even go on a trip. We look forward to traveling and this generates positivity within us and these positive experiences reduce stress. And once we leave for a trip, we get an opportunity to have breakfasts late and that prepared by someone else, we can sleep whenever we want, and the best part is we need not work.

33. One of the most valuable traveling benefits is that travel gives us real-life education

We have by now understood that movies, books, and the world of the internet are full of fiction. While some movies and books are based on reality, we are still unable to smell, taste, or touch anything. This is when travel comes to the rescue because it helps us understand and discover the world from another perspective and a perspective that rather depicts reality. With travel, you get real-life experience in terms of culture, people, and the facts.

34. Travel helps broaden our horizons

Whatever we see and feel about the world isn’t what we feel about it, it is what the books, internet, or reporters tell us that is why it is their take and perspective on the world and not ours. Traveling and meeting people from all around the world is what actually teaches and helps us form an independent perspective. The truth is this is what teaches us to discover issues in life and fix them in a new way.

35. Travel makes us realize that it is okay to fail

From getting lost in a subway system, to ordering food that you did not like, to butchering the pronunciation of a local language, we all have been there. Travelers are always making mistakes and that is how when we look back at our past travels, we understand that we have made mistakes and our journey is often filled with failure. With this failure, we have also discovered ways to make things work and that is how everything works out just fine during our trip.

36. One of the most valuable traveling benefits is we realize that experiences are worth more than objects

Not until I traveled I realized how absurd it was to think that objects would make me happy. I would not lie that yes when I was a kid, a bicycle would make me happy but it was temporary. Now that I have matured enough, I have realized that a trip with friends and family is worth so much more. These experiences do not become less valuable, rather we enjoy and appreciate them so much more as time passes.

37. Travel helps us see the beauty in small, everyday activities and things

As travelers, we start fetishizing a lot of things from the smell of freshly cooked steak in the neighborhood to birds chirping in the morning, the sound of the waterfall, and the natural scent of a country. We would never pay attention to all of these if it wasn’t for travel.

38. Travel allows us to create beautiful memories for a lifetime

We visit positive memories more often because it is beautiful and personal. Our memories are a part of us and it makes us who we are. Remember your first travel, how excited you were, your first experience using a chopstick, and how miserably you failed, how you met people who are now your best friends. And there is no denying how cheerful and excited we become as soon as we look back to the pictures from our travels. We can already imagine the joy of sharing this with our children and grandchildren!

39. One of the most meaningful traveling benefits is we start appreciating our home a little more

If you travel, you will not only understand the culture and people of a foreign place but you will also understand your own. You will understand the cultural differences, uniqueness and also we start appreciating our luxury even more. When you are in a place where you get after trekking for an hour and do not find the electricity and home-like comforts, your appreciation for your county and home increases and that will make you understand that your home is so much more than just where you grew up.

40. Travel makes us realize how similar we are despite being different

Travel makes us realize that we all share similar needs despite having different cultures, lifestyles, and backgrounds. It makes us conscious and aware that there is a sense of the interconnectedness of humanity irrespective of where we come from.

It’s a wrap!

So that is it! I hope you understood the traveling benefits. What do you think of the list? Also, do let me know in the comments below if you have additional travel benefits that you think should be on the list.