40 fun things to do on a weekend

We all have had conversations where we say that we don’t have a plan for a weekend or we have no idea regarding the fun things to do on a weekend. However, deep down we all want to break our monotonous routine.

In many instances, we also back out because too often we associate “fun things” with money and expenses. While a weekend can be fun with a certain expense, there are so many fun things to do on a weekend which does not cost a single penny.

Since the weekend is all about fun, being bored is not really an option. Well, you need not spend money either because there are a lot of free options. So, even if you are on a tight budget, you can still have a lot of fun on a weekend. These activities are so apt that irrespective of where you reside, you can still choose from these options and have a great weekend.

Here are 40 cheap, entertaining, and fun things to do on a weekend!

1. Go for a hike

Hiking is one of the most fun things to do on a weekend. Similarly, it is so easy and spontaneous that you just need to look up for some local hiking trails and then you take off. It will allow you to spend some quality time with nature and also, you will have all the freedom to walk at your own speed and choose your own walking trails.

2. Practice yoga or meditation

A weekend is the right time to contemplate and start a new healthy journey. You can start meditating or learn a few yoga basics to start with. And once you get the hang of it, you will realize how fun it is.

3. Learn some DIYs on Pinterest

There is so much one can do on a weekend and one of the most fun and productive things we can do is seek and learn what we can make out of the trash or cheap supplies that are readily available at our homes. To do that, Pinterest is your go-to source of inspiration.

4. Learn and try few recipes

There is so much we can do and explore when it comes to cooking so, why not try a delicious recipe this weekend? In particular, we don’t really put much effort trying to make a new dessert as it requires a lot of effort and time so, why not make the most out of your time and create something delicious this evening?

5. Workout this weekend

Working out encourages us to feel progressively positive. Similarly, regular workout also helps us become physically attractive and being physically healthy not only enhances our way of living but it also gives us the strength to feel confident from within. It likewise helps us achieve glowing, healthy, and acne-free skin at home so, try working out this weekend.

6. Go for a morning or evening walk

A walk can be a healthy way to spend a weekend, at the same time, you can make it fascinating by chasing a sunrise or a sunset. A healthy walk or a jog will also give you the energy to do something else from the list.

7. Go swimming

Another fun and cheap thing to do on a weekend is to look for a nearby leisure center and go for a nice swim because every town has a swimming pool. You can spend as much time as you want and come back to a nice dinner.

8. Know your surrounding

It is another great idea to make your weekend fun and exciting. There is no doubt that strolling around can be fun too and you can do that nearby. This way, you will get a chance to absorb the freshness of nature, that too for free.

9. Do some gardening

If you live in the countryside or have a backyard, you can start with some gardening this weekend. It will allow you to learn a few things and simultaneously, you can grow some fruits and vegetables for your pantry.

10. Walk your pet

Walking your pets can be another way to spend a weekend as you can also spend some time with your pets. If you do not have one, check locally to see if your friends and neighbors need any help with that.

11. Watch a sunrise or a sunset

Depending upon what you prefer, you can go watch a sunrise or a sunset. It is one of the cheapest way of admiring the nature at its best. Therefore, find a great spot from your house or community and enjoy that amazing view.

12. Go for a picnic this weekend

Throw a picnic for your loved ones and find a shady spot to enjoy your weekend. You can similarly carry some of your favorite games with you to your picnic and make it more exciting and fun.

13. Simply go for a drive

Ride to a location you have never been to before to make the most out of your weekend. Just go out and drive to whichever direction looks the most interesting to you. And, as long you have the navigating skills, you do not need to worry about getting lost.

14. Spend your weekend in an all-day spa

These sort of spas let you enjoy your entire day with swimming option, sauna, and massage. It makes for a great option for you to spend your weekend solo or even with someone else and it does not cost that much.

15. Shop online or go for a low-cost shopping spree

Call your best friend and go to your favorite local shop and shop as much as you want. If you are feeling like staying back home, you can also shop online. And in case you do not have money for shopping, window-shopping is your thing.

16. Travel planning on some of the best budget travel destinations

A weekend does not have to be boring as you can plan for your next travel destination. This weekend, you have all the time in the world to think about the options and plan your trip. You can start with choosing a destination, comparing flight fares, and also figuring out your travel essentials.

17. Visit your friends

Since most of the time we are working and rarely do we get time for our family and friends, now is the time to catch up with your friends and family. And, a visit to close ones is always fun.

18. Build your mental health

A sound and stable mind is what permits us to sail through the hardships and challenges that life tosses at us. On this positive note, let’s promise this to ourselves that we will always pay attention to our mental health along with the physical. By being mentally fit, we will additionally be able to utilize our strengths to the fullest extend, enhance our creativity, grab the right opportunities, and approach stressful situations with calmness.

19. Self-care

Why not dedicate an entire day to taking care of ourselves? We could pamper our skin with proper skin-care such as cleansing, exfoliating, and using our favorite face masks. We can additionally make use of our home ingredients to get healthier hair and body as a whole.

20. Go for a run this weekend

You can literally go for a run with your family or friends. There are a lot of options for you when you go out such as swinging on a swing, playing your favorite sport, and enjoying the nature on a park. At the same time, you are getting fitter.

21. Reflect on your life

This one will take a lot of thought but it is totally worth it and in the end, you will thank yourself for doing this. So, try thinking through your life plans. To add, try setting a few short-term plans that you would want to accomplish in the next few days or months.

22. Take some pictures and grow your social media

Carry your phone with you and take some pictures of yourself or anything else that fascinates you. You could do this indoor as well if you do not feel like stepping outside the house. Similarly, once you are done with that, share your favorite pictures with your friends and followers on social media. Now, add some interesting captions and allow it to be enjoyed.

23. Go cycling

Going cycling is another fun thing to do on a weekend as all you need is to look for local bicycle trails and ride your bicycle along. It will let you enjoy nature as well and when you get back home you will feel much more energetic and refreshed. And, it will also add to your health.

24. Watch or play for favorite sports

When you think of it, watching our favorite sports is what we look forward to every single day. So, why not enjoy some this weekend? In case you do not have any sports to watch on a weekend, you could call your friends and organize a game on your own.

25. Go fishing

Fishing is one of the fun things to do on a weekend as heading out with the poles, finding a pond nearby, and casting those line in itself is a lot of fun. Therefore, grab some rods and go fishing this weekend.

26. Go to a beach

If you live nearby a beach, you can hit those sandy beaches and spend a relaxing weekend. And, anyway it does not cost you anything so, it is so much more fun.

27. Watch your favorite series

This is one of my favorite fun things to do on a weekend. I am constantly on my laptop watching my favorite shows and honestly, I would not want anything else. A bowl of your favorite food and your favorite series, nothing can beat that on a weekend! And if it is a cold or a rainy day, binge-watching your favorite series becomes so much more addictive and amusing.

28. Play free online games

Needless to mention this as some of you might have been doing this for some time but for those who haven’t, try playing some cool online games. A lot of them are so addictive that you might end up playing them every now and then and the best part is, there are hundreds of cool online games that you can easily download and play.

29. Start a blog

If you love writing digitally, now is the time for you to start a blog. Brainstorm and figure out your favorite topic or niche that you think you can or want to write about and go all out. Blogging not only can be a lot of fun, but it also helps you to communicate better, share your expertise, and also let you make some money down the line. In case you are thinking that you do not know how to start a blog, I have that sorted for you.

30. Call for a pizza night

Regardless of being frozen or freshly ordered from the restaurant, pizza is love and if you haven’t tried your hand at making a homemade pizza, now is the time for you to get some crust, cheese, and sauce. Assemble your mini pizzas at home itself and break open a bottle of wine. There you have a cheper and rather intimate version of your night out with the dear ones.

31. Revisit your favorite film or series

There are times when I feel like watching my favorite movie or series all over again simply because it brings so many beautiful memories back (at least for me). Likewise, you can also grab a book that you resonate with or had brought you to tears, or shook you to the core because that is worth reading again.

32. Bake something

You need no reason to bake something delicious. In any case, as it is the weekend, learn to bake something new or bake your favorite pie or a loaf of fresh bread.

33. Sketch, draw, or paint

Whatever you feel comfortable with and have available, just grab them and start pouring your heart out. And if you think you are not good enough for this, you will anyway learn by the end of the day.

34. Read a book

Look around your house for a fun book because there must be one perhaps, one that you had borrowed from your friend. If you want to read some and you do not have them readily available, you can check them online as well.

35. Learn a new language

Since there are so many ways you can learn a foreign language, you can start learning your favorite language this weekend. To help you with this, there are so many apps, podcast, and other online free language learning opportunities so, all you need to do is grab those opportunities this weekend.

36. Listen to a podcast

If you do not know this, let me let you that podcasts are probably the best free source of entertainment out there. There are top-notch audio programs available for free so, give them a shot and I assure you that you will fall in love.

37. Declutter your closet and clean your room

Cleaning is likewise a great idea for weekend fun so, why not declutter your closet and arrange them all over again? Similarly, cleaning the entire room also makes for a fun weekend. I do this every now and then. Simply, play your favorite songs on a speaker and fix your room. It will also burn some calories so, it is a win-win situation.

38. Take a long soaking bath

Do you remember the last time you treated yourself to a long relaxing bubble-bath? In case you don’t, make sure you remember this for the longest time. Fill up the tub with warm water, add your favorite products, or you can also make bubbles with your household products. Now, strip down, get in, and relax. You can add some fun element by popping up a bottle of wine or reading your favorite book.

39. Play with children

Take your child to a playground and spend some quality time and in case you don’t have one, you can walk your favorite kid to a local park. You can likewise participate with the child in all the fun activities as you don’t have to just stand and watch. Who knows, you might get a little taste of your own childhood all over again!

40. Pamper yourself

Make a delicious dinner for yourself or pamper yourself with an at-home facial, manicure, pedicure, or a deep-cleansing and scrub. You can also change your fitness regime by mixing up with a salsa class, boxing class, or by running a marathon.

It’s a wrap!

So that is it! I hope you enjoyed the list of fun things to do on a weekend. What do you think of the list? Also, do let me know in the comments below if you have a favorite thing that you do on a weekend and you think it should make it to this list.