25 extraordinary fashion hacks for ladies

We wear clothes every day so, it makes sense to have few fashion hacks for us ladies. We as a whole have been through days when it pricked our hearts to see our favorite clothing get stained or damaged. But fortunately, we have some amazing tips to save ourselves from all the frustration and disappointments.

This is the world where there is a hack for just about everything. When it comes to fashion too, we all have a few hacks that we live by. Similarly, I also have a few fashion hacks for ladies and these are all tried and tested hacks that work like magic.

I love all these fashion hacks for ladies because they come in convenient right when you are about to toss your favorite piece of clothing right out of the window. Some of the tips that I have been using are so good that they have been around for ages.

Whether you want to fix a few pieces of old clothing or new clothing that doesn’t feel quite right, there is always a great hack to help you out.

I concur that some hacks are downright pathetic while many take us by surprise. Here I will only tell you all the magical fashion hacks for ladies which will make you go Wow! I wish I knew them earlier. So are you ready to get your mind blown?

If yes, keep reading this because all these fashion hacks for ladies will save you some money, fix your most annoying clothing problems, and help you save some frustration and disappointment.

Despite the fact that there are several hacks holding on to get utilized by you, I am just going to list 25 extraordinary fashion hacks for ladies. However, these are the excellent 25 hacks that work totally the best.

Here are the best 25 fashion hacks for ladies!

1) Have you ever gotten a gum stuck to your clothes? I have but the good thing is, I also restored them to their original conditions making them wearable again. I had to do nothing much than rubbing an ice cube to freeze them. And I was instantly able to get those gums off the fabric.

2) Prevent your jeans from fading away by just using this simple hack. Adding half a cup of vinegar to your washed damp jeans help preserve the color. Now wear your black jeans as many times as you want. If you aren’t amazed by this vinegar trick then, I also have an alternative. Always wash your jeans inside out and you will forever have a great pair of jeans to wear.

3) While purchasing a denim dress or jeans make sure you buy a size smaller than your original size as denim stretches.

4) Wash your denim jeans at least twice before you take it to the tailor. The trick is to shrink them as much as possible before altering. This will give you the best-fitted jeans ever!

5) What can you do if you naturally have a short torso? Adding v-neck t-shirts and sweaters will give you instant additional length and height.

6) If you are tired of smelly feet, you should definitely try some baking soda. Just pour some into your shoes and you will be able to combat the odor.

7) The worst thing is having to wear a dress with a back zipper while you have nobody to help you out. The most effective trick is to slip a long ribbon or thread through the hole of the zipper and pull it up using it. Once you are done you can simply take them off through the very opening.

8) We usually do our makeup and then get into our clothing. What we might do at times is stain our clothes with lipstick. The best hack is to get it off just by spraying some hair spray. An alternative to this is to use shaving foam to remove the stain.

9) Tired of underarms sweat stain? Lemon is your best friend! Just squeeze in some lemon juice and mix it with some water to slightly dilute it. Now apply this mixture in the required part and you will have your cloth as good as new.

10) If you have shoes that don’t maintain their shape naturally then stock those with some socks to maintain its original shape. This is one of the best fashion hacks for ladies as well as men.

11) I love wearing hoodies and free pants however become weary of drawstrings falling off. Be that as it may, since the time I came to know this trick, I no longer face this problem. I basically reinsert the drawstring by using a safety pin. All we need to do is join a safety pin to the end of the string and pull it back through.

12) What do you do when you stain your favorite piece of clothing? You just rush it to your bathroom and rub it using some water or detergent. Don’t do this! I repeat don’t. All it does is deepens the stain so what you ought to rather do is blot it for a few moments.

13) I also have an incredible tip to stretch out shoes that are too tight for you. Put on a thick pair of socks and slip your foot in as much as you can. With a hairdryer now dry your shoes while wiggling to loosen the shoes. Keep your shoes on while they cool down to make the required room.

14) If you are running out of time but you have to iron your shirt then, simply iron the part that is going to be visible. If this is not an option for you, iron your shirt with a hair ironing rod. This way you can iron your clothes and hair simultaneously!

15) Keep a perfume sachet in your drawers or closet with your clothes to give them a natural fresh scent.

16) This is one of the most useful hacks when it comes to tight jeans. If your jeans are too tight around the waist then simply slip a hair tie through the buttonhole and wrap it around the button for some extra room. No more problems even if you gain a little extra weight!

17) I have another great tip to share with you. I use this trick with all my jewelry when I need to bring back the shine. The trick is to simply clean them with vodka.

18) Do you want to know the trick to remove the oil stains from your dresses? It is not that difficult, just a baby powder will do the trick. Sprinkle some baby powder on the oil stain and leave it short-term. You will have an amazing result by the next morning.

19) This is an extraordinary tip to brighten your dirty shoes. Mix hydrogen peroxide with a small amount of baking soda now, wash it with dish soap with the help of an old toothbrush. This will give you a brand new pair of shoes.

20) Have a beautiful scarf attached to your carry on bags to add that quirkiness. Similarly, you could also wear it like a regular piece of clothing. Also, use it as a hair tie when you are short of a hairband.

21) Are you sweating too much? Just attach a panty-liner to your clothes and you will always remain fresh.

22) If you are going to wear a plain outfit, add some colorful necklace or earrings to make a statement. This way you will no longer have a boring outfit because these accessories will work to your advantage.

23) If you want slimmer thighs and longer legs while wearing a skirt then, wear a skin-colored pump.

24) We all have suffered from this trouble at least once in our lifetime. Speaking for myself, I get the zipper of my jackets stuck almost every other day. Thankfully, I discovered this trick of rubbing a crayon on both sides of the zipper. You can also use vaseline instead of crayons. These simple tricks instantly solves this problem.

25) If you have pilling on your favorite clothes, just use an old razor to get rid of them. It is as simple as shaving so don’t worry, just place your dress on a flat surface and shave them off.

It’s a wrap!

So that is it! I hope you enjoyed this list of extraordinary fashion hacks for ladies. What do you think of the list? Also, do let me know in the comments below if you have an idea as such and think it should make it to this list.