20 most underrated places to visit in Asia

Traveling is an extraordinary method to experience different cultures, get away from our stress, and explore areas that are fun and unique. When it comes to witnessing the vibrant cultures, unique and dramatic landscapes, lakes, beaches, and natural wonders of the world, you can’t go past Asia.

Asia is a continent that gives a little bundle of every one of these things. However, Asia is incredibly huge and diverse that it can be very easy for us to overlook these untouched paradises.

We are used to visiting the popular destinations in Asia but spreading our wings to visit some underrated yet stunning places is beyond magical. Most of these places have unbelievable scenic beauty, vibrant culture, and energizing attractions that will capture your heart.

No matter where in the world, we as a whole need some space for ourselves. These spots will certainly provide us that space amidst all the buzz and hustle. Along with that, we will be able to explore all the off-track spots that are unheard of yet are astonishing.

Regardless of whether you are planning your first trip or have already been to the main tourist spots and want to visit somewhere completely new, peaceful, and less swarmed, here are my top picks for you. You may have never heard of these places before as they are the most underrated places to visit in Asia but, they are certainly worth a visit.

Here are the most underrated places to visit in Asia

1) The red lotus sea-Thailand

The lotus sea-Thailand, underrated places to visit in Asia

The red lotus sea, otherwise called Red lotus lake or Talay Bua Daeng is one of the most peculiar and prettiest seas in the world. Have you ever been in the middle of a sea on a boat with thousands of lotus flowers? Envision how cool that is!

These pink lotus flowers spread as far as one’s eyes can see. This hidden gem is only known to a few tourists as it located in Northeast Thailand. Lesser-known fact that it is one of the most romantic and peaceful places on earth. Its uniqueness also comes from the religion of local people here as they considered this flower very traditional.

Along with this Lake, there are numerous tiny islands with Buddhist statues and shrines that adds value to our trip. Just be careful to note the season before your visit here for these flowers only bloom from November to February.

2) Gansu-China


This is one of the most unique places that offer so much to everyone who visits here. From ancient historical sites, art, and natural beauty, the place offers pretty much everything.

For nature lovers, this place is heaven as it is so vibrant and naturally colorful. If you are planning your China trip anytime soon then you must include Gansu in your itinerary.

3) Nusa Penida Island-Indonesia

Nusa Penida Island, places to visit in Asia

Nusa Penida is an island that lies just off the coast of Bali, Indonesia. Nusa Penida furnishes you with peaceful white sand beaches with turquoise waters. Other than that, this Island also provides incredible cliffs from which the natural beauty of surroundings can be observed in its best panoramic perspective.

This spot is similarly as feasible for water activities such as snorkeling, swimming in the naturally formed infinity pools, scuba diving, surfing, and kayaking. This can be your go-to place if you are looking to enjoy some time off the buzz of touristic Indonesian areas.

4) Mustang-Nepal is one of the underrated places to visit in Asia

Mustang-Nepal, places to visit in Asia

There is more to Nepal than just the capital city, Kathmandu. Mustang is what exotically sits in the rain shadow of the Himalayas. This makes it different from other places in terms of topography, geology, and culture form the rest of the world.

Mustang is divided into upper and lower regions and is one of the best places to trek in the world. Even during the monsoon season, other areas become muddy and get natural scenic beauties covered by the clouds but Mustang is different from all these places. If you are looking to trek in Asia, Mustang is your place!

5) El Nido-Philippines

El Nido-Philippines

One of the most incredible areas that you can visit in Asia is El Nido. I am very fond of this place as it offers tropical weather, stunning lagoon, and gorgeous views of gigantic rock formations.

The highlight of your trip to Asia could be camping in this Island. This place will fulfill all your Island fantasies. Therefore, pack your bags and get going to enjoy this peaceful area all by yourself!

6) Chennai-India


Once you visit this place you will no longer only think of the Taj Mahal when you think of India. We all have heard of famous touristic cities in India. Similarly, Chennai is one place that will give you unmatchably incredible experiences and memories that is accessible to people of all ages.

Chennai is home to paramount cultural traditions, delicious delicacies, and humble people. This place will give you a sense of belongingness that will make you feel like home.

7) Pulau Ubin-Singapore is one of the most underrated places to visit in Asia

Pulau Ubin-Singapore

The perfect destination for nature lovers is Pulau Ubin which is home to diverse habitats and teeming ecosystems. This spot is located off Singapore’s north coast and comprises the last remaining traditional village in Singapore. Also, it offers a variety of wildlife, historical sites, farms, and plantations which makes it one if the best places to visit in Asia.

This place is so stunning that it will legitimately move you into the past. This place is one of a kind and only a handful of people live in this present era so visit it to take a step back into ancient times.

8) Mataking Island-Borneo, Malaysia

Mataking Island-Borneo, Malaysia, places to visit in Asia

The Mataking Island also known as Pulau Mataking is an island off southern Sabah. It is as beautiful as the Maldives that is why it is also popular as “hidden Maldives of Malaysia.”

It comprises two smaller bits of land: Kecil and Besar which is connected by a natural sandbar. The sandbar gives an illusion of walking on water which is so exciting. The place also offers you chances to encounter beautiful flora and fauna.

Mataking Island is not just restricted to this. It additionally provides visitors with snorkeling and diving opportunities in its rich marine diversity. Other activities such as jungle trekking, kayaking, traditional dances, and handicrafts are a plus.

9) Mae Hong Song-Thailand

Mae Hong Song-Thailand

The mountainous province in northern Thailand with a remote pretty setting of a tranquil lake, Mae Hong Song is a true beauty. The area is a lush expanse of misty mountain landscape with hidden caves, hot springs, natural parks, and gorgeous waterfalls.

Are you wondering if you can trek in this area? Yes, you can for it offers incredible viewpoints with the magnificent all-encompassing perspective of nature. The iconic Su Thong Pae Bamboo Bridge spanning near a kilometer across rice paddies is also something you shouldn’t miss.

10) Mount Pinatubo-Phillippines is one of the most underrated places to visit in Asia

Mount Pinatubo-Phillippines, places to visit in Asia

Mount Pinatubo without a doubt is one of the places to visit in Asia. It is similarly a great place for adventure seekers. With jarring landscapes, an active notorious volcano located in the Zambies Mountain, snaking rivers, dramatic canyons, and the Lake Pinatubo located just nearby make the place visit-worthy.

It is also a great place to trek as it is so serene and the environment is pleasing too. The view from here is truly rewarding so the climb is definitely worth some trouble and stamina.

11) Koh Yao Yai-Thailand

Koh Yao Yai-Thailand

Immerse yourself in the local culture while surrounded by pure nature full of spectacular beaches, instagrammable sunsets, huge fishing industries, and picturesque plantations of coconut and rubber trees.

This unexplored spot is the most genuine experience of the magnificence that Thailand truly is. I believe that this spot is so underrated but once you get there you won’t feel like returning. The lush rice flats, mangrove trees, and serene sandy beachfront will take your heart away making you feel like not leaving the place.

12) Shodoshima-Japan

Shodoshima-Japan, places to visit in Asia

The Japanese archipelago that lies in western Japan, Shodoshima is a charming destination to live your Island hopping dreams.

Wondering what else you can do here? Well, you can have the spectacular view of Kankakei Gorge from the Kankakei ropeway, walk the scenic path of Angel Road that appears during low tide, and witness the lush olive trees in the warm climate.

Likewise, coastal sceneries, mountainous views, gorgeous beaches, and resorts are any day a bonus.

13) Con Dao archipelago-Vietnam is one of the places to visit in Asia

Con Dao archipelago-Vietnam, places to visit in Asia

Con Dao is a group of 16 Islands off the Southeast coast of Vietnam. This hidden gem has a great significance as it once served as a political prison during French colonial times. Later, it was used by American during the Vietnam war.

You must not skip visiting the shrine of Vo Thi Sau as it bears paramount history and is considered one of the underrated places to visit in Asia. Here you will get to experience the people’s faith in the cemetery of the heroes of Vietnam. Con Dao is famous for its sandy white beaches, coral reefs, marine life, forested hills, and turquoise water that you can enjoy to the fullest.

14) Hsipaw-Myanmar


Hsipaw is a vibrant town located in Shan State in Myanmar which is perfect for the exploration of Shan culture and their artifacts. Hsipaw is similarly known for its gorgeous scenery as it is surrounded by hills. You can also climb it to have a panoramic view of the countryside.

Another main reason to visit Hsipaw is that it is located on the railway line from Mandalay which is one of the most gorgeous railways in the world. The place is not short of pagodas and temples either.

Take a trip to Nawng Kaw Gyi Lake that is located just 40 kilometers away as it comprises beautiful hills dotted with pagodas and monasteries. You ought to in like manner climb the sunset hills if you are a sucker for sunsets and gorgeous views.

15) Bandung, Indonesia is one of the places to visit in Asia

Bandung, Indonesia

I wouldn’t necessarily call it an underrated destination as Bandung is one of the largest cities in Indonesia. And, it also has its eastern part pretty much explored. Bandung is brimming with volcanoes, lush rice paddies as far as one’s eyes can see, wonderful natural scenery, and striking sulfur crater lakes that will have your mind blown.

This place is great to escape the crowded tourist areas in Indonesia as you will find yourself being the only foreigner in the majority of areas here. While here, also don’t forget to shop from the markets nearby. Similarly, try coffee in one of the thriving restaurants and also engage in some religious exploration.

16) Keong Saik road-Singapore

Keong Saik road-Singapore

Visiting Asia and not exploring the trendy modern areas such as Keong Saik is a major no! It is a one-way road in Chinatown of Singapore that is full of cool instagrammable wall arts. However, this is not the only specialty of this place.

This area will give you tons of opportunities to eat at award-winning restaurants and bars. Backpackers have lately fallen in love with this place for the buzzing hood that lets you in on coolest places to hang out at. This place additionally offers hottest eateries and bars which I believe is a great incentive to visit here.

17) Kamakura-Japan


You must have taken the trip to Japan to probably explore famous cities like Tokyo and Kyoto. But, do you know that there are a lot of other unknown cities that are just as much fun if not more? Kamakura is definitely one of the most underrated places to visit in Asia.

Kamakura coastal town has over a hundred ancient temples, monuments, and shrines. This makes it a perfect fit for people who love to experience more of the Japanese unique culture and history. Yuigahama beach is an add-on to this destination as it engages you in various fun water activities.

18) Kuta-Bali

Kuta-Bali, places to visit in Asia

You might have heard from some people that Kuta is not a place to visit in Bali but I disagree with that as I had some of my greatest times in Bali in this place. Since it is not explored to its best, I have placed this spot on the list of unexplored areas.

My experience in this place was amazing and I spent 3 days of my Bali trip here. However, this place can keep you entertained as far as a week. It is a perfect location to have a laid-back life at the beaches or completely on a contrast engage yourself in an abundance of water activities.

The villages here ought to be explored as it is a little heaven that you can keep to yourself. So, get a scooter and ride to the beautiful villages for additional fun.

19) Redang-Malaysia is one of the places to visit in Asia

Redang-Malaysia, places to visit in Asia

One of the nine islands off the East coast of Malaysia, Redang is perfect for water activities. You could go for diving, snorkeling, and surfing. Casually hanging out in a laid-back manner on the sandy white beaches sucking in the tropical weather is just as much fun.

The crystal clear waters and sandy beaches here will give you heavenly experiences that you will remember for a long period.

20) Mondulkiri-Cambodia


The largest yet sparsely populated province of Cambodia is Mondulkiri. This place is home to powerful waterfalls, tree-topped hills, numerous sanctuaries, and lush forests.

This natural beauty is so full from thickly forested mountains to fishing areas that it will keep you captivated throughout your stay. The best part of this place is that you get to explore elephants reserves to your fullest satisfaction.

It’s a wrap!

So that is it! I hope you enjoyed this list of most underrated places to visit in Asia. What do you think of the list? Also, do let me know in the comments below if you have a favorite that you think should make it to this list.