15 best vacation spots for couples on a budget

Whether you feel like basking on a stunning beach somewhere romantic with your partner or looking to explore a romantic new city. Whatever it is, I’ve got you covered for a romantic getaway with your partner. This list of best vacation spots for couples on a budget will not only make for a great vacation but will also ignite a spark among the couples.

Our idea of a perfect romantic getaway may differ from each other. Some of us may fantasize about relaxation on a beach with a coconut in our hands as a perfect getaway. While the other may long for beautiful skyscrapers. Likewise, some couples get satisfaction with delicious cuisines.

Regardless of the differences in the ideas, what we all want is a perfect place to spend a romantic vacation with our loved ones. From city life to quiet beaches, culture, and history to adventurous sports, this list of best vacation spots for couples on a budget gets you covered.

When nothing else comes in the way of your travel, money could destroy the idea of the perfect vacation. Don’t you worry about that. With proper consideration of money as an object, I have prepared the list of best vacation spots for couples on a budget. As a result, you will no longer have an excuse to say no to a spontaneous getaway with your partner.

With this inexpensive list in hands, you will be able to have the maximum amount of fun even on a minimum budget. I will be listing all those places where you can be loved for less as well. From sophisticated cities to the enchanting towns, I have picked out my favorite budget travel destination for couples.

Check out my 15 best vacation spots for couples on a budget!

Before that, take a quick look if you packed all the travel essentials for your vacation. You would not want to miss a thing on your dream getaway.

Also know how to pack like a pro and travel only with your carry-ons.

1) Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia-best vacation spots for couples on a budget.

Bali, Indonesia is hands down one of the best places in Asia for a romantic getaway with your partner. No place on earth can really beat Bali in terms of a relaxing getaway with your loved ones. It comprises historical Hindu temples, coastal bliss, flavorful Balinese cuisine, celebrated nature, dynamic Balinese culture, and surreal sunsets at unspoiled beaches.

Bali is heaven for couples looking for wonderful waterfalls, jungle filled with monkeys, shopping on streets or luxurious shopping centers, or relaxing on a beach with a drink in their grasp. To add, Bali also offers its traditional massage along with numerous water activities such as surfing and snorkeling.

One of the best vacation spots for couples on a budget- how expensive is Bali, Indonesia?

At the same time, Bali is one of the most affordable places to travel. Bali is really affordable be it, accommodation, food, transportation, or entry price of the touristic sites. For the hotel, you can book as per your price range since there are plenty of options to choose from. Similarly, food is just as cheap and you can easily afford delicious meals in a decent restaurant.

Likewise, the best way to commute here is by hiring a scooter. You can easily do through the hotel you stay in or street shops just about anywhere. You can refill your vehicle through petrol pumps or just go to a shop and buy a bottle of petrol. Yes! that’s true, you can get them in bottles as well. If you are looking to go to places that are a bit far, hire a cab. The best part is the price of the cab for the entire day also includes tourist guide.

In totality, Bali is an affordable destination and you can spend a wonderful time here for as low as 50 dollars a day, that too for a couple. What else could make for the best vacation spots for couples on a budget?

If you plan on visiting Bali for a romantic vacation, here is your ultimate guide to Bali, Indonesia that includes absolutely everything you need to know before visiting Bali as a first-timer.

2) Porec, Croatia

Porec, Croatia-best vacation spots for couples on a budget.

I have heard people say that a day would suffice to visit Porec, Croatia. I disagree with that as I can list a lot of fun things to do here. Let me begin with the history of the place. Porec has a significant history and you will definitely get the feel of that while you walk along with the historical buildings of this town. It is mostly known as a family destination. However, on the contrary, it also offers an exciting nightlife with amazing clubs and bars that even youngsters and couples can enjoy.

Porec additionally offers a large variety of watersports in its gorgeous beaches. Similarly, other things you can do here is going cycling with your partner, go for a nice swim, explore the old town, and definitely don’t miss the olive oil tasting. You can also enjoy popular events such as Vinistra, Giostra, and Porec open air.

Istria region is really worth spending time for couples looking for a romantic getaway. This region offers beautiful seaside towns, coastlines, and delicious wine and food. What a couple can additionally do here is go for truffle hunting. Along with that, soaking up in the sunshine and indulging in local oysters and wine is just another thing you can do here. This is the perfect place for couples who enjoy off-beaten locations.

If you are a “Game of Thrones” series fan, you must know that it was filmed here at seaside locations. You can also spend some wonderful time here in some of the most enchanting beaches and enjoy a romantic vacation with your partner.

One of the best vacation spots for couples on a budget- how expensive is Porec, Croatia?

Since we now know what to see and where to go, let’s talk about how affordable Porec really is. In terms of accommodation, Croatia offers something for every kind of traveler. Whether you travel on a budget or travel like a celebrity, you can easily choose from a variety that this place offers. In short, from budget dorms, villas, to expensive hotels, you can find all sorts of accommodation here. Just a quick tip, prices are most affordable if you stay in a fully-equipped apartment.

The food is similarly very affordable as restaurants provide good value for money. The transportation is also inexpensive and you can simply commute through buses. In case you want a change, try boats.

3) Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An, Vietnam

Vietnam has it all: charming cities, intriguing history, gorgeous beaches, pagodas, french colonial landmarks, natural highlights, delicious food, and cultural diversity. This country provides the most picture-perfect landscapes in Asia with its green waters and limestone islets.

It is Southeast Asia’s one of the most underrated destinations however, it deserves its tranquility admired. Couples can visit national parks, hike, bike, cruise, and also soak in Vietnam’s tasty culinary highlights.

Specifically, Hoi An should not be missed as it offers rural charm and a sandy coastline that makes for a romantic getaway. Also, once the night falls, vibrant lanterns light up to add a special flair to this beautiful town.

A visit to Hoi An is really inexpensive as the hotels start from as little as 10 dollars per night. Food and transportation also cost very low. Overall, pay around 40 dollars a day for accommodation, food, and transportation for a great vacation with your partner.

4) Baja California, Mexico

Baja California, Mexico-best spots for couples on a budget

Looking to spice up your love life? The best destination to do that with your partner would be Mexico. Mexico makes for a perfect destination for a romantic getaway as it provides exciting experiences to cherish for a lifetime. Whether you are visiting it for a few days or a week, it will keep you entertained.

The one place to not miss in Mexico is Baja California as it represents the best peninsulas in Mexico. Here, you can also go for a romantic walk and stroll around the hallmarks of the authentic Mexican villages. Also, visit the pristine beaches for underwater activities, seascapes, and try wines and food that this place offers.

The accommodation here is very reasonable and that is why it makes for one of the best vacation spots for couples on a budget. Baja California is not really for backpacks. However, it doesn’t mean that it won’t offer a good deal for couples looking for an affordable hotel room.

On the contrary, if you are looking for dirt-cheap transportation here, you will be slightly disappointed. To be truthful, it is a bit pricy to commute in this place. But, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t affordable, simply commute by bus or hire a car. Here in Mexico, you’ll be looking to spend around 50 dollars a day for a decent hotel room, public transportation, and decent food.

5) Thailand


Island hopping, the bright lights of Bangkok, tropical islands, mesmerizing temples, incredible water activities, electrifying nightlife, and laid-back peaceful vibes are what make Thailand a perfect romantic getaway for couples. Similarly, sandy beaches, rich culture, lush mountains, and traditional festivals are not to be missed. I would like to add that drool-worthy street foods will make you feel like staying here forever.

Thailand is at the top of the wish list of most travelers, be it backpackers or travelers looking for a luxurious vacation. One of the reasons for that is, Thailand is a diverse destination to have an indescribable amount of fun as it offers so much for a couple!

Thailand is perhaps the most budget-friendly destination in Asia as the food is so cheap that you can have an entire meal for as low as a dollar. Similarly, the hotels are dirt-cheap that is why even on a low budget you will be able to book a gigantic hotel room. Commuting here is not that expensive either.

You can look to spend around 40 dollars a day here for basics that include a three-course meal for you and your partner, a hotel room, and transportation. Therefore, Thailand is one of the best vacation spots for couples on a budget. This country will definitely keep your chemistry alive!

6) Bulgaria

Bulgaria-best spots for couples on a budget

Bulgaria, the oldest country in Europe is famous for its natural diversity such as rivers, lakes, hot springs, mountains, and plains. If you and your partner are history buff, you will have an amazing trip here for it offers endless ancient sites throughout the country.

Similarly, some of the places you must visit here as a couple is Rila monastery, seven Rila lakes, Sunny beach, Vitosha, Burgas, Sofia, and Sozopol.

Bulgaria is much cheaper than any other European country and that is why you can do a lot in this destination even on a little budget. Hotels and food are affordable in Bulgaria as you can have plenty of deals with great options to choose from. Also to add, the entry price to see the country’s attractions is likewise very affordable. The average daily cost of tourists in Bulgaria is around 55 dollars a day so, plan accordingly.

7) The Maldives


There is absolutely no shortage of dreamy overwater bungalows in the Maldives where couples can pamper themselves with a sunbath, glassed-in bathrooms, stunning overwater views, hammocks, and private infinity plunge pools.

This country likewise allows the couples to see some of the most spectacular reefs, aquatic life, and deep blue seas. Similarly, numerous water activities like snorkeling, fishing, and diving in beautiful tropical beaches will make you smile with joy!

How affordable is Maldives?

Here is good news for all the budget travelers! The number of guesthouses on popular island destinations is increasing each year. As a result, even budget travelers looking to explore this hopelessly romantic country on a budget can visit here without a double thought.

As I mentioned, Maldives offers budget-friendly islands for people to be able to visit it even at a low expense. Islands such as Maafushi, Thoddoo, Dharavandhoo, Ukulhas, Kelaa, etc can be visited even on a budget.

The Maldives offers budget guesthouses of high quality for as low as 30 dollars a night. Similarly, transportation is fairly cheap as local ferries won’t cost you more than 2 dollars for 2-3 hours journey. In short, expect to spend anything from 40-45 dollars a day for your food, accommodation, and water activities.

People think that Maldives is a once-in-a-lifetime destination to be visited on a special occasion. But, now we all know that it’s not true!

8) Krakow, Poland

Krakow, Poland-best spots for couples on a budget

Poland is famous for landmarks especially stately castle, amazing cities, mountains, forests, and diverse geography. Krakow in particular is one of the most significant cities here, the buildings of this city interestingly escaped the Second World War. These historical buildings despite being a decade old look very well maintained.

If you are planning to make your partner feel special with fairy tale vibes, Krakow is the right place. You can get a movie-like experience here with your significant other. Get a fairy-tale ride in a horse-drawn carriage or go for a magical candlelit dinner to spark your love. This is of the best vacation spots for couples on a budget.

The charming main market square with its cobbled streets and delightful musicians playing romantic melodies will add to the intimate time with your partner. You can additionally explore the arty cafes, historic Jewish quarter, visit vintage stores of Kazimierz, and also relax on one of the famous beer gardens.

One of the best vacation spots for couples on a budget- how expensive is Krakow, Poland?

Your budget will remain intact here since Poland is one of the most affordable countries in Europe. Food and accommodation are really affordable here. When I say affordable, don’t expect it to be as cheap as Asian countries. However, a trip to Poland is still possible on a budget. The food is probably one of the cheapest in Europe which is a good start, to begin with. The drinks moreover are legendary cheap. The rooms are decently priced and you will find a variety of options in accommodation.

There is no excuse for you to not visit Krakow as it is the kind of place you can discover on foot itself. But just in case, transportation is super affordable. Likewise, a lot of museums in Krakow offer free one-day entry per week and you can save a lot of money there.

9) The Philippines

Philippines-best spots for couples on a budget

If romance is what you are seeking, you will find plenty of that in the Philippines. There is a lot of things you can do here with your partner such as island hopping, water sports, cruising, swimming with jellyfish, exploring tropical rain forests filled with wildlife, trying local cuisines, and absorbing the culture and atmosphere of the big cities.

An abundance of gorgeous beaches with delicious fruits and a romantic candlelit beach dinner is a bonus!

Needless to say that the Philippines cheap, in fact, it is dirt cheap. It is perhaps one of the cheapest travel destinations in Southeast Asia. You can find a lot of options when it comes to food, transportation, and accommodation. Here, you can easily spend a luxurious vacation with your partner that too, on an extremely low budget. 30-40 dollars would cover your expense for a decent travel day here.

Well, don’t judge this place on the basis of how cheap it is, it is a strong contender and like any other country on this list, it is capable of stealing your heart away!

10) Srilanka

Srilanka-best spots for couples on a budget

Sri Lanka is known for beaches, water sports, Buddhist ruins, trekking, temples, wildlife, heritage sites, and colonial architecture. You get this complete package in Sri Lanka for yourself and your partner and that too on a little budget.

If you are additionally looking for a lot of elephants, crocodiles, and peacocks, Srilanka won’t leave you disappointed. Also, you can go for a safari if you are an adventurous couple. Similarly, spot Srilanka’s alpha predator that is offered by numerous parks in Srilanka.

Like all the other countries on the list, Sri Lanka is also one of the best vacation spots for couples on a budget. Food, accommodation, the internet, and transportation of a day are covered in as low as 30 dollars a day. This amount will not get you the tickets for outdoor activities and the UNESCO listed sites. However, it will get you through a normal day in Sri Lanka.

11) Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic-best spots for couples on a budget

Prague is the city of the medieval heart of Europe that can be felt in its protected castles, Gothic cathedrals, fairytale bridges, exciting nightlife, lush green forests, lively arts scene, palaces, chapels, and unique architecture. There is so much one can do here with their partner in this beautiful old-style Europe.

Some of the things that you can do here as a couple is: walk across the Charles Bridge at night, visit the Old Town Square, try out the local and authentic cuisines, and beer, wander around the town, vibe with the music, visit Prague’s historic gardens and parks, and understand and absorb the diverse culture.

You get a great bargain here compared to other major European destinations. The expense of this city depends on you as it can be both cheap and expensive. All you need to do is figure out the stuff that you want to spend on.

Let’s start with the cost of the food, the price of food and beer is really cheap. The reason is that people here have a history of being infamous drinkers. The price range of accommodation here rises gradually as you move closer to the Old Town Square however, if you stay just outside Prague, you will be able to find great deals. Public transportation is extremely cheap so, traveling back and forth won’t be an issue.

You will have to pay around 70 dollars a day that includes a nice hotel, transportation, and food and beverages. If you decide to visit this city on the off-seasons, you will be able to travel for a lot cheaper.

12) Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa will quite literally take your breath away with its untainted landscapes and large option in its wildlife. Like all the other countries, South Africa also lets you comfortably experience all the outdoor activities on a budget.

Rock climbing, surfing, hiking, driving, and walking the most dramatic coastal roads, bird watching, and experiencing the wildlife at its best are what this incredible country additionally offers.

Cape town’s gorgeous peaks and mountains, wildlife, and coastlines are additionally worth exploring. It likewise has something for history and adventure lovers as well.

Any hotel, hostel, or guesthouse in South Africa is fit for couples traveling on a budget since it is that affordable. And if you come from a western country, your dollar or euro will do you a great favor. However, unlike all the other countries, the food here is a bit expensive. If you want you can easily solve this problem by cooking your own food. Nonetheless, it is still very affordable for you to spend a memorable week here.

13) Morocco

Morocco-best spots for couples on a budget

Talk about what you can do here in this exotic country? A lot of things that includes appreciating spectacular architecture, monuments, and design, going to the wild beach, dining on drool-worthy dishes, watching storyteller and musicians perform, experiencing the unique culture, and also going for hiking in case you and your partner love adventures. Morocco is just as famous for its cuisine and the world-famous Sahara desert.

Let’s start with how cheap the food here in Morroco here is. However, irrespective of the price Morroco’ss food is one of a kind. The accommodation here is just as inexpensive. Also, major tourist destinations have very affordable entry fees.

The average cost of a day here is around 40 dollars which are considered affordable. I believe this is what makes it one of the best vacation spots for couples on a budget.

14) Icmeler, Turkey

Icmeler, Turkey

We all know how famous Turkey is for Cappadocia, Pamukkale cotton castle, and the majestic Hagia Sophia. It is just as popular when it comes to tasty food, incredible bazaars, eventful history, ruins and museums, perfect beaches, and Turkish delights.

Icmeler similarly is a holiday destination here that offers a lot of exciting activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving on one of the loveliest beaches made of soft, golden sand. Do you want something more fun and romantic than this? Just go sailing on a boat for a romantic sunset. Similarly, the canal area when lit up at night makes for a perfect setting to take beautiful pictures. Once the sun goes down, have fun by experiencing the lively nightlife with plenty of authentic charm.

It is one of the most affordable destinations to travel to on a budget as the food is cheap in almost all Turkish restaurants. This place is so cheap in terms of food, accommodation, and transportation that 40 dollars a day will suffice for an amazing day. This definitely has to be backpacker’s paradise and also one of the best vacation spots for couples on a budget.

15) Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena, Colombia-best spots for couple on a budget

This magical country gives you an abundance of art, music, and theatre which comes together to offer you the perfect visit with your loved ones. Its natural scenic beauty, mountains, tropical rainforests, and gorgeous white sand beaches make for a perfect destination to visit with your partner.

Cartagena in particular is known for its culturally rich heritage, charming cobblestone streets, vibrant buildings, exotic foods, horse carriages, restaurants with the delicious Caribbean cuisine, and infectious live music at every corner. Also at dawn, hit the salsa bars to enjoy exotic salsa time with your partner, and ignite the spark.

In short, it is one of the most gorgeous, vibrant, and romantic cities in the world. There are other additional things that you can easily do here with your partner. These things additionally make Colombia one of the best spots for couples on a budget. Explore the old city, try drooling street food, visit the mud volcano that is located just outside Cartagena, and also ride the Chiva party bus if you want additional fun.

People are generally concerned about safety in Colombia but, Cartagena is a safe place if you follow the general safety tips.

Accommodation here is cheap for budget travelers unless you stay in a major hotel in cities. Similarly, local restaurants and open-air food stalls are available for inexpensive food. Therefore, it is possible for budget travelers to enjoy their vacation on a basic travel budget here in Cartagena.

It’s a wrap!

So that is it! I hope you enjoyed this list of best vacation spots for couples on a budget. What do you think of the list? Also, do let me know in the comments below if you have a favorite that you think should make it to this list.