12 best destinations for budget travel 2021

Looking for the best travel destinations for budget travel? If you are looking to travel somewhere affordable then, I have got you covered. There are numerous budget travel destinations that can be explored without you having to break the bank but before that, we need to understand what makes these destinations affordable.

These are the characteristics of budget travel destinations:

-Options for budget flights and significant airports

-Budget lodging options such as hotels, lodges, and hostels

-Options for enough budget eateries and street foods

-Affordable transportation to commute on a daily basis

-Options for attractions with affordable entry price

The first thing you need to understand is, the world is full of affordable destinations where you can have fun by getting the best value for your money. However, the most important factor that makes a destination affordable is the area that you come from. It is because of the most important consideration while traveling, which is the airfare. In light of that, I will only be listing the destinations on the basis of how affordable it gets once you reach there.

Here, I have provided the budget travel destination that comprises all the above-listed characteristics.

1.Eastern Europe budget travel

If you are looking to visit the cheapest destinations in Europe, visiting Eastern countries is your solution. Eastern countries of Europe such as Bulgaria, Croatia, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, etc are the most affordable destinations of this continent.

These countries like all western Europe comprise different cultures, languages, histories, and ethnicities. And the best part here is the lodging, food, and transportation is so affordable that, tourists get to live like a King. Needless to say that this part of the continent is just as mesmerising in terms of its beauty and charm. Therefore, these off-beaten countries provide you the true value for money as it is the best part of the world for budget travel.


China is a country with a distinct culture, cuisines, history, languages, and ethnicities. To add to this, China is no less in terms of landscapes as it is full of rivers, valleys, plains, and mountains. Similarly, in this country, you will also get to witness a few of the most extraordinary natural wonders of the world.

China is not known to be as cheap as it used to be in the past however, it still falls under the category of budget travel destinations. Even in metropolitan cities like Shanghai and Beijing, you can easily find cheap hotels, foods, and transportation. But, if you visit the off-beaten part of this country, you will be able to travel a lot cheaper than your expectations.

3. India

How do I miss India when it comes to budget travel destinations? India is hands-down one of the most affordable places to travel in the world. It’s even better if you are good at bargaining and finding a good deal. India is extremely cheap in terms of lodging, food, and transportation. And if you come from the western part of the way, it will get even better for you in terms of currency. It is so affordable that you will find it difficult to spend even 30 dollars a day here. Of course, if you live in a lavish resort, that’s a different story but, unless you do that, it is as cheap as one can imagine.

With such a small budget to spend, you will be able to witness the culture, tradition, cuisines, lifestyle, festivals, and landscapes of this mesmerising country. Similarly, if you decide to visit this country, do not skip visiting the Taj Mahal of India as it is one of the best examples of architecture in the world.

4. Budget travel to certain states of the US

Who would have thought that the United States of America would make it to the list? Well, the US is not necessarily a budget travel destination. However, we cannot rule out that some of the states here are cheap. States like Utah, Texas, Georgia, etc are comparatively cheaper and can make a good travel destination for a budget traveler. These destinations are also great choices if you are traveling with your friends by road. On the contrary, traveling solo in these states is not a great option because that would cost you a bit more.

Traveling to the US is not as cheap as traveling to other countries on this list because the average daily cost of the cheapest state here is 50 dollars. This amount might not be cheap for all the people trying to travel on a budget. Moreover, if you belong to the eastern part of the world the flight tickets will cost you a fortune. Nevertheless, it can be a great travel destination for people residing in the US itself or in the western part of the world.

5. Cambodia

Cambodia is another affordable place to visit this year. The troubled history of this country, incredible temples, stunning coastline, chilled out beach bar vibes, and spectacular sunrise and sunsets are what this country offers. Even the famous places like Siem Reap, Phenom Penh, Angkor, Kep, Kampot, Banlung, and Battambang can be explored cheaply.

Similarly, the hotels, food, and transportation are so cheap here that you can easily spend about a month in less than a thousand dollars. If you have decent haggling skills you will be able to talk your way through and save yourself from being overcharged. Additionally, there are a lot of places where just a dollar can be stretched very far.

6. Thailand

Island hopping, the bright lights of Bangkok, mesmerising temples, sandy beaches, incredible water activities, and laid-back peaceful vibes are what makes Thailand a perfect getaway. I would like to add that drool-worthy street foods will make you feel like staying here forever.

Thailand is at the top of the wish list of most travelers. One of the reasons for that is, Thailand is an extremely affordable place to have an indescribable amount of fun! Thailand is perhaps the most budget-friendly destination in Asia as the food is so cheap that you can have an entire meal for as low as a dollar. Similarly, the hotels are so cheap that even on a low budget you will be able to book a gigantic hotel room. Commuting here is not that expensive either. Therefore, Thailand is the perfect budget travel destination for anyone willing to travel on a budget.

7. Mexico

For any budget traveler, Mexico is a great destination. Mexico is a place where you can survive on an average of 20 dollars a day. This is only when you are looking for a decent hostel, public transportation, and street foods. If you want comfort, you’ll be looking to spend around 50 dollars a day. But, that is still not a huge amount to visit somewhere like Mexico.

Mexico is famous for its foods, beverages, and chocolates. Similarly, you will also be able to explore a lot of beach destinations, temples, vibrant cultures, and festivals. Likewise, it is also famous for dense rainforests and deep canyons. It additionally offers water activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving. This country offers travelers a lot of fun things to do which justifies all those expenses.

8. Indonesia

Another significantly budget-friendly place to travel in Asia is Indonesia. In Indonesia, you can spend a relaxing get-away by visiting beautiful temples and eating flavorful Balinese cuisine. Similarly, another thing to do is absorb the sun at perfect seashores alongside dynamic Balinese culture. And the surreal sunsets are a bonus!

Indonesia is a heaven for people looking for wonderful waterfalls, jungle filled with monkeys, or shopping on streets or luxurious shopping centers. Also, relaxing on a beach with a drink in a grasp is a treat.

Needless to mention that Bali is the best destination to visit in Indonesia. Bali, Indonesia offers you exotic beaches and islands, cultures, natural beauties, lush forests, and enough opportunities to experience the perfect sunsets. Since Southeast Asia is an excellent destination for budget travelers, you won’t regret your decision of visiting Indonesia.

9. South Africa

To begin with, any hotel, hostel, or guesthouse in South Africa is fit for budget travelers since it is that affordable. And if you come from a western country, your dollar or euro will do you a great favor. However, unlike all the other countries, the food here is expensive. Don’t worry, you can easily solve this problem, just cook your food as the grocery stores have reasonable pricing. Similarly, public transportation outside Cape Town and Johannesburg can be expensive so, keep that in mind. If you ask me, hitchhiking is not that bad!

South Africa will quite literally take your breath away with its untainted landscapes and large option in its wildlife. Like all the other countries, South Africa also lets you comfortably experience all the outdoor activities on a budget.

Rock climbing, surfing, hiking, driving, and walking the most dramatic coastal roads, bird watching, and experiencing the wildlife at its best are what this incredible country additionally offers.

10. Budget travel to Central America

Not just Mexico, you can travel a lot of other countries of Central America on a budget. Other smaller countries in Central America such as Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and El Salvador also make for a good budget travel destination. Here, the hotels can be found for as cheap as 15 dollars a night. Similarly, 3 dollars for a meal is not that expensive. Additionally, transportation is also very affordable and the best part is that you can get a beer for less than a dollar. I believe that it is a great deal for budget travelers.

Similarly, if you visit expensive destinations like Costa Rica, Panama, and Beliza, it can cost you anything from 30-40 dollars a day.

Central America is a perfect destination for travelers who love to trek, engage in water activities, and enjoy less crowded spots. This part of the world is also travel-worthy in terms of historical sites, temples, beaches, flora and fauna, and natural wonders.

11. Nepal

The land of the Himalayas, Nepal is one of the best budget-friendly countries to visit. This country is crazy, welcoming, chaotic, vibrant, captivating, and spiritual. Besides, its culture, temples, food, fascinating history, and landscapes are what makes this country exceptional.

The best places to visit in Nepal are KathmanduPokhara, and Chitwan. Anywhere you travel in Nepal is just as affordable. You will be able to get a decent lodging from as low as 10 dollars. The food is even cheaper, with just 5 dollars you can have the most delicious authentic Nepali dishes. And with just a dollar in your pocket, you can easily commute within the valley.

12. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is known for beaches, water sports, trekking, temples, wildlife, heritage sites, and colonial architecture. You get this complete package in Sri Lanka and that too on a budget.

Like all the other countries on the list, Sri Lanka is a perfect destination to travel on a budget. Food, accommodation, the internet, and transportation of a day are covered in as low as 30 dollars a day. This amount will not get you the tickets for outdoor activities also, the visit to the UNESCO listed sites will demand you additional charges. However, it will get you through a normal day in Sri Lanka.

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It’s a wrap!

So that is it! I hope you enjoyed this list of the best destinations for budget travel-2021. What do you think of the list? Also, do let me know in the comments below if you have a favorite that you think should make it to this list.