10 things to do by yourself on a solo travel

Starting out solo travel for the very first time can feel awkward and daunting. In any case, take it from my experience that it is just a matter of taking that very first plunge and soon you will start enjoying yourself to the fullest and find things to do by yourself even when you are unaccompanied.

Traveling solo increases your self-confidence, awareness, helps in self-discovery, demands you to step out of the comfort zone, and also boosts your decision-making and problem-solving skills.

Sometimes you will be terrified as to things to do by yourself and similarly, the first-timers might also get a feeling of loneliness. Although you might encounter many unfamiliar situations and places and can get intimidated at some point in your trip, more often than not, your solo travel opens up possibilities and end up being so much more fulfilling than you had expected.

Having said that, you must also be prepared to face anything that comes your way because if you are unable to balance things out, it might take a toll on you.

Regardless, one thing I want to admit here is that there is nothing quite like exploring a spot on your own so, collect some strength and get your traveling shoes on. To get you all aspiring solo travelers to venture out safe on your solo travel, travel without limit, and have a whole lot of fun, here are things to do by yourself.

1. Get lost on purpose

Exploring a new place and wandering around is one of the easiest yet exhilarating things to do by yourself on solo travel. While you might initially feel uncomfortable and lonely, you are more likely to feel ecstatic and refreshed by the end.

Another great benefit of traveling solo and getting lost on purpose is that you can go anywhere at any time you want. Also, spending some quality time with yourself and on your own terms is truly invigorating. To add, you will get a taste of self-exploration and understand yourself better.

Getting lost on purpose has its own beauty as you will find yourself in the midst of getting lost. And, you do not necessarily have to explore on foot as you can simply hire a bike and ride around with absolutely no destination on your mind also, avoid using your phone. Anyway, we all need to learn to chuck our phones once in a while.

Another reason to wander around is to make memories of being lost in a foreign land and enjoy when you recall those moments. But here is a quick tip, do not stress or panic when you are lost instead, start looking for a direction that you want to head towards. And, remember to enjoy the beauty along your way out as you don’t experience that kind of excitement every day.

2. Have a meaningful conversation with locals and get to know more about your travel destination

One of the beauties of traveling alone is that you get to strike up new conversations with different people and make friends from all over the world. Do not worry because it isn’t as intimidating as you think. Plus, you always have an icebreaker, just say Hi! I am from this part of the world and ask for recommendations on places that you could visit on their land.

In some countries, you might have a hard time interacting and understanding each other because of the language barrier. However, you could communicate with a smile and also through your travel photos by showing them where you have been to so far.

Therefore, approach the locals and start making friends. You are after all traveling in their country and this could be the best way to open up a way for you to see the local lifestyle.

Of course, all this while, personal safety must be taken into consideration. Choose an open place while talking to the locals and always stay alert. To not fall prey to scams and theft, do not reveal your personal information such as the hotel that you are staying in other than that, making friends with locals is one of the things that you can do by yourself on solo travel.

3. Treat yourself to the nice food in a fancy restaurant

Do not give up on treating yourself to a nice meal at a fancy restaurant just because you are all by yourself. So, no more holding yourself back from making a reservation at one of the most amazing restaurants in town.

With flavorful food in front of you and by enjoying your own company, you are creating a unique memory, and if you feel awkward or sense that you are missing out on an opportunity for conversation, head towards the bar.

Just get yourself a seat over there because the bar is usually where you will find a lot of other people to talk to. You might also end up meeting a fellow solo traveler. If not, there is always a bartender that you can talk to. And, some delicious food is always a plus.

4. Take a walking tour to nearby shows, live music, museums, or community events

Allow yourself some time to meander around and absorb the true culture and history of the place. If you have time on your hands, it is always a good idea to browse exhibits near you. Museums are excellent representations of cities and will allow you to have a deeper understanding of the area that you are visiting.

On the other hand, engaging yourself in the festivities, and other local community events is a nice way to really understand a place.

Likewise, even a last-minute concert ticket is a great way to go all out and enjoy yourself. Another fun option is an open mic night or karaoke. And you never know, you might even connect to people who enjoy the same music as you. Also, don’t ever think that you are alone as you can always socialize by being at a popular bar, restaurant, or any other social event.

These are all the things to do by yourself as you will completely be free to wander around. And the best part? You get to take as much time as you want and be exactly where you want to be and, do what interests you the most.

5. Going for a shopping spree is one of the things to do by yourself on a solo travel

What is the best way to pamper yourself and make yourself happy? Shopping is the answer. So, if you are feeling low then, pursue the shopping centers, downtown stores, or even boutiques for that matter.

Shopping is a great fun activity that will keep you occupied and happy in a new destination. Anyway, there is no shortage of shopping streets and malls in any travel destination these days. You can likewise find a great deal and take home souvenirs from your trip to make others happy as well.

6. Blend into nature

Since you have all the time to do whatever you want and at any time of the day, choose a level of adventure that appeals to you. When it comes to adventure, there is nowhere better than nature to spend your time and have fun.

As per the destination you are visiting, you can pick an area. Since you are all by yourself, ascending a mountain on your foot all by yourself is not practical or safe however, you can always ride or drive to a gorgeous waterfall or a natural pool. You can likewise hike up to some safe and popular forest trails.

7. Making new friends by blending into the crowd is one of the things to do by yourself on a solo travel

Not every person is a nature lover, some might be party or crowd lovers as well. In case you fall into the latter category and enjoy a meaningful conversation or meet new people and make friends rather than being into the woods, scout out to a local event or a public gathering.

It is not that difficult to find like-minded people in a crowd as you might run into a person with similar choices in any public place be it a festival, local event, or a parade. These are some of the places that are apt to make new friends and feel the energy of the place that you are at so, make the most of it.

Since it is one of the most amazing things to do by yourself on a solo trip, do not miss this opportunity of making new friends from another country. The key however is to look for someone who is traveling alone and can invest some time in a conversation. They are also more likely to be interested in talking to you and will make an effort to move the conversation forward.

8. Be lively in front of the camera and capture all the fun

Let us take some moment and imagine going on a vacation and coming back with absolutely no pictures and videos. No, that does not make any sense. Now since we are traveling alone, we will have to request fellow travelers to take some pictures of us. So, to be on the safe side, carry a selfie stick or a tripod so that you can fix it on a certain spot, and set a timer. This way, you will have plenty of opportunities to act goofy and have fun in front of the camera.

I assure that it will turn out into a fun and enjoyable activity. Nevertheless, you can always ask for fellow travelers to take a picture of you and vice-versa. This will also be a great way to break the ice and start a conversation.

So, simply have fun and make your pictures lively by jumping a bit, using aesthetic backgrounds, or taking a shot from an unusual perspective. Here are other tips on travel photography that you can follow for better photographs.

9. Going on a hike with fellow travelers is one of the things to do by yourself on a solo travel

There is always a way of making your solo travel less intimidating and daunting by meeting like-minded people in a foreign land. And when you meet one, you can plan a few trips together. One of the fun things to do by yourself is to go on a hike with your new friends.

There are also some tours that focus on architecture, nature, adventure, water sports, safari, cruise, vineyard visits, museum tours, and local activities so, seek out agents that organize such tours.

10. Pampering yourself by indulging in self-care is one of the things to do by yourself on a solo travel

With all the chaos, hustle, and adventures, it can be difficult to remain sane. In order to live out of the suitcase and a toiletry bag, ensure to take care of yourself throughout your trip. So, seek out the best relaxation in town and it could be anything as per your preference.

You will have all the options like massage, yoga, facial massage, sauna, Jacuzzi, spa treatments, manicure, pedicure, meditation studio, and what not! Especially, if it is a major city, finding a way to pamper yourself is no big deal. This will also recharge you and make you as fresh as a daisy to start your trip all over again, that too on a fresh note.

And, traveling solo anyway allows you to stop by to pamper yourself and unwind the fresh and real you without any distractions.

It’s a wrap!

So that is it! I hope you enjoyed the list of things to do by yourself on a solo trip. What do you think of the list? Also, do let me know in the comments below if you have favorite things to do by yourself on a solo trip and believe that it should make it to this list.